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1 Week Results: Deva Vegan Hair Skin Nails Supplement

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1 Week of Deva Vegan Hair Skin Nails Supplement

Hello! I’ve been taking Deva Vegan Hair, Skin, Nails Supplement for 1 week already. During the first week, I didn’t experience any acne. My skin looked the same as before (no acne, clear). There wasn’t a little or big change in the condition of my complexion. Also, during the first week of taking this supplement, I’ve increased my water intake. It’s not because I’m taking this new supplement. It’s because water is healthy for the whole body. It helps to cleanse the system. I seriously need to drink more water anyways, since I’m a very active person. As for my hair and nails, it’s been the same too. They’re both growing as usual. I think the Healthy Green Smoothies I’ve been drinking has helped my health and complexion by a lot. Check out my 1 Week Results here. So, nothing new when it comes to this supplement. The first week of using Deva Vegan Hair, Skin, Nails Supplement has been good (meaning that I didn’t break out in acne). Now, I’m moving on to week 2!

*Review: Deva Vegan Hair, Nails, & Skin Supplement*

*Deva Vegan Hair, Nails, & Skin Supplement (for Hair Growth)*

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