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30 Days of BP: Week 2

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Day 8: My skin started to break out a bit, especially around my chin area. I’m still dealing with these freaking annoying hard sebum in my pores. Some I can acutally pick out, while others are super stubborn. Hopefully Week 2 does my skin some good. lol.

Day 9: Skin looks better today. Still dealing with some pimples and hard sebum stuck in my pores, but I can see that my skin is improving. YAY!! 🙂 So happy! My skin looks better compared to last week!

Day 10: The one thing I really don’t like is washing BP off of my face in the morning. It’s because it leaves my skin looking dull. I hate touching my skin when it’s bumpy. Bleh. After last night’s application of BP, not much of a difference. I do have some scabs. wth. lol. I hope they just fall off by themselves in the next few days, haha!

Day 11: I was going to take a rest day, but I decided against it. My skin isn’t too dry. I’m going to keep going with BP. Well, today, I discovered some blackheads. lmao. I hardly ever get them at all, but guess what? They are there, haha.

Day 12: Skin is drying out in a good way. I can see the top layer of my skin becoming loose and flaky. Looks like I haven’t had a rest day this week yet. Do I need one? Nah. I’ll keep using BP for the rest of the week and see what happens to my skin.

Day 13: Alright! I have some new breakouts on the side of my face. Is the initial breakout stage really kicking in now? Or is BP just not working? I don’t know. But, all I know that this is going to be temporary. It’s not going to last forever. And I can’t believe Week 2 is ending soon. *sigh* Let’s move on to better days… 🙂

Update: I’m not sure if it’s a breakout or a rash from the humidity. We’ll see tomorrow!!!

Day 14: It’s the last day of WEEK 2! Wow, is BP helping? Honestly, no idea. So I decided to double the amount of BP. I’m really slathering this stuff on at night. I hope it works. It seems like it is because I can feel my skin tingling.

That’s a wrap for Week 2 on BP! I didn’t have any rest days this week. My skin is adapting to the BP very well. Let’s see what Week 3 holds!! 😊😊

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