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Beginning My Tretinoin Journey :)

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Differin Gel
Differin Gel

Before I share my experience with Tretinoin, I would like to share the condition of my skin and changes I’m making to my skin care routine. =)

Note: I still have leftovers of Differin (pictured), since it didn’t work for me. lol. I’m very happy about moving forward to a different retinoid. 😁😁😁 It’s about time!!! 😭

My skin condition before treatment:

The condition of the skin really determines how long it will take to achieve smooth, clear skin (from my experience with retinoids). This is what my skin looks like…

I would classify my acne mild-moderate nowadays. The type of acne I get would fall under moderate-severe. My skin can breakout terribly if it gets to that point. I have to watch what I use on my skin and what I eat too (dairy is a huge acne offender). I get those big, large cysts all the time when I breakout. They are inflamed too. Very painful to touch. Looks atrocious!! As of right now, I am dealing with stubborn, clogged pores that can’t be seen unless you’re up-close to my skin. I used BP for 6-7 months before starting Tretinoin. BP is a great acne-fighter but for some reason it didn’t work as well as it did before (last summer, it cleared my skin fully). This time, I’m having a hard time unclogging under the skin clogged pores. That is why I had to move on to something else. I wasn’t getting the results I wanted after 6-7 months. And that is quite a long time. For my skin, I’m dealing with some acne on my forehead (very rare) and mainly along my jawline, chin, and mouth area.

Skin care products I’m discontinuing for now:

Unfortunately, I will have to discontinue my use of Alpha Skin Care AHA Serum for a couple of weeks or more (depending on the condition of my skin). The Alpha Skin Care AHA Serum really makes the face tingle and causes an initial breakout. It is very drying to the skin when used too often. Retinoids dry out the skin too. Using both at the same time will irritate the skin and make it difficult to tell what’s working and what doesn’t work. I am hoping to wean the AHA back into my skin care routine in the near future. I’ll give my skin some time to adjust to Tretinoin first.

I have to drop BP. Yep, I purchased two new bottles, but I’m going to stop using it for now. haha.

Also, retinol skin care products are off limits too. I want to focus on Tretinoin alone. As I stated earlier, using too many skin care products would make it harder to distinguish what is working and what doesn’t work.

What I’m keeping in my skin care routine:

It is advised to stop using chemical exfoliants or anything that irritates the skin when using retinoids. My skin is pretty tough (to a certain extent). I was able to use BHA and the AHA from Cos De BAHA (a gentle AHA skin care product) without any issues. Both skin care products doesn’t tingle my skin or dry it out.

Everything else in my skin care routine is the same — face wash, toner, serums, BHA, AHA (Cos De BAHA). I only use these skin care products in the morning. I am using sunblock and reapplying it throughout the day for protection. This: Andalou Naturals Vitamin C Beauty Balm + my other other BB Cream with SPF (Dr Jart+). Couldn’t find a lotion sunblock that didn’t clog my pores or make it look greasy and oily. 🙁 This is better than nothing!

How I’m using Tretinoin:

I am using it only at night. 7 days a week. I’m not using anything else on my face besides Tretinoin at night. This has made my night skin care routine more simple and less time consuming. 🙂

Using Tretinoin is very simple. It’s the process that takes much longer. Also, to endure the, what they call it, ‘purge’. I just call it the ‘initial breakout’. I’ve already started using Tretinoin. Look forward to my 1 WEEK experience this week (good or bad, lol)! 😊😊

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