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BP Journey: 1 Week Results

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Acne.org BP Treatment Gel
Acne.org BP Treatment Gel

It’s been 1 week of using BP.

And guess what?

All of my breakouts are gone! I would go far and say that I am 100% CLEAR! All of the troubled areas are gone! My skin feels dry though. It doesn’t feel crusty or anything like that. It doesn’t look like it either. I haven’t been moisturizing my skin at all. This isn’t the time to moisturize as much as I want to. My skin doesn’t tolerate moisturizing skin care products well. I end up with clogged pores. I’m very happy that my skin is back to what it was during the summer months. I’m not going to change my skin care routine this week (week 2). I’m going to keep at it. Stick to what it is working right now. I’m happy with the results. I’ll deal with the acne scars later. I might just let it fade naturally. My acne scars usually fade within time anyways. It’s better to leave it alone than mess things up (what I did months ago). I can always use concealer for the time being.

That’s my 1 week update. I’ll make an update for week 2 soon. Stay tuned for that! šŸ™‚

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