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BP Journey: Day 1 Results

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Acne.org BP Treatment Gel
Acne.org BP Treatment Gel

My skin care routine is minimal now. I only use two skin care products — My Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Face Wash and Acne.org BP Treatment Gel. I wanted to report my results after ONE day.

After one day following my new skin care routine, I’ve notice some interesting things.

So how do I apply BP on my skin?

I apply them differently in the morning and at night. At night, I slather BP on my whole face. I lightly massage it into my skin without pressure. After that, I let it dry. In the morning, I only apply a thin layer on my whole face. I let it dry. I make sure it’s fully dry on the skin for makeup application.

With makeup…

Makeup went on much easier than I thought. I am using Dr Jart+ Silver Label Rejuvenating BB Cream. It’s the only face makeup product I like right now. Dr Jart+ glides on my skin much better. It makes my skin look good. I’ll make an update on my other foundations, and why I don’t like them. Surprisingly, I haven’t experienced my makeup or BP peeling off. šŸ‘šŸ‘ I was worried about that, so I thought I would give it a try and see what happens. So far, so good.

So BP feels soooo much better on my skin compared to other skin care products. I think it’s going to work out in the end. My skin just feels good. I’m disappointed that I can’t use skin care products that are highly moisturizing, but it is what it is. This is my skin type. I rather not have acne plus deal with acne scars afterwards. I’m very excited for results. I want to rush it, but I know it’ll take time. This is after one day of being on BP. Look forward to an update next week!

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