10 Tips on How to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner When You’re on a Diet

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Thanksgiving Dinner

I had Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, but I have another one to attend on Thanksgiving Day. My first dinner went well, but I did treat myself to some really good food. I just couldn’t help it. My sister-in-law makes the best pies and other desserts. She’s that awesome, and I love her. ♥ So I came up with some tips on how to not ruin your diet at Thanksgiving dinner. I’m trying to behave myself the second time around. If you insist on ruining your diet and going all out, feel free to do so. No judgment. Live your life. This only happens once a year. This is for the people that want to watch their waistline. 🙂

1. Stay on your exercise plan

You can put in a workout before dinner or simply just stick to your exercise routine. The point is to burn calories. Don’t be lazy about it because it’s ‘the holidays’.

2. Eat breakfast before arriving

I know this may sound weird but hear me out. Eating breakfast or lunch before arriving to dinner will prevent you from feeling ravenous. This way, you won’t lose control and eat everything in sight. We all know hunger pangs are real.

3. Don’t overdo the desserts or appetizers 🥧🍰

You can treat yourself to dessert and appetizers but don’t overdo it. I know desserts and appetizers are the best. It can be difficult not to go all out. Have some self-control and portion them out.

4. Add more vegetables onto your plate

I’m sure at every Thanksgiving dinner, there will be veggies on the table. Eat a lot of vegetables. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. They are also full of fiber to make you feel fuller faster. They’re healthy.

5. Be very picky

You don’t have to eat everything. If someone is offering something that you don’t like or want to eat, say thank you and pass it. Sometimes it’s hard to turn down food because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. You can always take some, but not eat it or nibble on a little bit of it. If you know what I mean. 😆

6. Pass the cocktails and liquor

Stay away from the cocktails and liquor. They will only add empty calories to your diet.

7. Spend time making conversation and have fun

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t always about the food. It’s about spending time with the people you love. You can enjoy the food too, but it’s about the people. 🙂

8. Dress well

If you come to Thanksgiving dinner wearing your fat pants, you know exactly what you’re going to do. Wear clothes that are snug to prevent yourself from overeating.

9. Portion control

Portion control is very important to maintain your diet. Use common sense. Don’t lie to yourself how much a portion of food is. I know a lot of people are guilty of this.

10. Help clean up

Offer to clean up. This will keep you moving instead of lounging around and snacking.

I hope this helps! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! If you mess up, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always get back on track the day after.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🦃🦃

What are you thankful for? Here’s my list. ♥♥♥

What I’m Thankful for…

10 Signs He’s Right for You

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Happily Ever After Sign

1. He’s understands you

A man that takes the time to get to know you and is willing to get through rough patches to get to know you is a good catch. Some people open up faster than others. If you’re the type to slowly open up to someone, and he waits for you, keep him. That means he’s patient and an understanding person. Those are good qualities in a man.

2. He’s supportive of you

He pushes you to go after your dreams, and he supports you all the way. He doesn’t get jealous of you, but he admires your success. He wants the both of you to be successful together.

3. He puts effort into planning things

He takes time out of his day to make plans for the two of you to spend time together even when his schedule is packed. That means you’re important to him.

4. He has seen you at your worst and accepts you as you are

There is no such thing as a perfect person. If he has seen you when you’re a hot mess, and he still loves you, he’s a good one. Not many people can handle someone else’s bullshit. If he helps you through the tough times, he’s the right one.

5. He openly tells you that he cares about you and shows it

He has no issues telling you that he likes you, cares about you, or loves you. He’s vocal about it. He also shows it through his actions. He’s not afraid to feel vulnerable around you. That’s a good sign. He’s a keeper.

6. He respects you and your boundaries

When you don’t feel comfortable with something, he listens to you and respects it. He doesn’t pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. Ahem, this what we call a real man.

7. He doesn’t try to change you

He loves you the way you are. He doesn’t try to change you into something you are not. 🙂

8. He shares the same values as you

Both of you share the same values in life. Sharing the same values is very important in a relationship. No arguments here. 🙂

9. He makes you feel better when you’re sad

He goes out of his way to comfort you to make you feel better. He wants his woman to be happy because it makes him happy that you’re happy.

10. He’s nice to you

It’s time to put nice guys first. They’re usually the whole package — nice, kind, caring, respectful, loving. You’re on top of his list of priorties. Girl, marry him already!

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