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Clear Skin Journey: 2 Months + 2 Weeks Results

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Acne.org BP Treatment Gel
Acne.org BP Treatment Gel

It’s been 2 & a half months! WOW! Here are my results! =)

Can ya believe it? 2 & a half months on this journey! The results are spectacular! My skin looks good every single day! I’m learning a lot about what works on my skin or not + how to use skin care products on my skin for optimal results! I’ve learned through trial and error that some skin care products that claim to provide superior results aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Here are some skin care products I’m thinking twice about…

The other serums I have are doing good. I thought the Vitamin C and Retinol would give me better results. I’ve been using them for a while too. Way too long. I think they are overdue. I’ll be on the search for something new when I finish them.

Some other things I’ve been doing…

I’m trying my best to keep my body and mind healthy. I’m nearing 3 months soon. Let’s start another goal! Clearer, brighter, even-toned skin before summer! 🌞

Stay tuned for next week’s update! 🙂

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