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Cos De BAHA MA Peptide Facial Toner + First Impression Review

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Cos De BAHA MA Peptide Facial Toner
Cos De BAHA MA Peptide Facial Toner

Hey everyone! I have a new facial toner. Didn’t think I would pick up a new one this soon…but I’ve been pondering about it for some time. Pixi facial toners (Retinol and Glycolic) has done nothing for my skin. I haven’t seen extraordinary results from them. Sooooo that is why I’m here with a new facial toner. This one is from Cos De BAHA. It’s called MA Peptide Facial Toner. What does it do or what is it used for??

I’ve used this facial toner for 4 days. This is a different kind of facial toner. It states on the bottle that it’s a ‘thicker texture than general watery toner’. That’s exactly what it is. It has a serum/gel texture rather than a liquid-like texture to it. The instructions states that you can use a cotton pad to apply the toner, or you can dispense the product into your palm and apply it to your skin. I tried both ways. The latter worked better for me. This facial toner is very hydrating and more light-weight compared to the Cos De Baha Serums (if you have used them before). It absorbs into the skin very well and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. So far, I’m really liking it. I feel that it has softened my skin and made it feel smoother. I’ll have to use it much longer to see if it has any effects on fine lines and wrinkles. My skin has not broken out from it after 4 days of using it. I’ll make an update very soon. Stick around for that! 😊

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