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Differin + BP 2 Month Update Results

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Differin Gel
Differin Gel

It’s been 2 months on Differin. Results are still meh. I’m just using it because I have it. My focus is more on using Acne.org BP Treatment Gel. It has helped my skin a lot. This right here.

Acne.org BP Treatment Gel
Acne.org BP Treatment Gel

With the BP, I’m still going through the initial breakout phase. I have two sore pimples right now. One on my forehead and chin. They are super, super red and painful to touch. It sucks, but I’m trying my best to push through it. BP is definitely unclogging my pores. I notice that my skin is flaking off too while revealing new skin. Also, I stopped using all of my serums this week. I’m giving my skin a break. Once my skin clears up from the BP, I’m going to reintroduce the serums. At the moment, I’m using BP morning and night. I’m trying my best to use BP in the morning when I can. Of course, I’m still applying Differin at night before BP + waiting at least 30 minutes before applying BP. That’s my 2 month experience. Check out other posts on Differin and BP below.

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Update: Differin + BP

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I’ll make an update within a week! Stay tuned for my results! See you all there!

Love, Jen

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