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Hawaii: Sunset at Waikiki Beach Ala Moana Center

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Waikiki: Day vs Night

Waikiki: Day vs Night

After a long day at the KCC Farmer’s Market and hiking Diamond Head, I went to pick up food and snacks. When calories are burned, they need to be replenished! Let’s go!

Pineapples are everywhere in Hawaii.

Pineapples are everywhere in Hawaii.

Macadamia nuts are good for heart health. Hawaii.

Macadamia nuts are good for heart health.

Macadamia nuts are very popular in Hawaii. They have a whole section of goodies dedicated to macadamia nuts. Luckily, I love them! Here are some benefits to eating macadamia nuts.

And so much more!!

They come in an assortment of flavors! The brand I purchased is called Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company. Here we have: Wasabi, Coconut Glazed, and Chili Peppah. Not all of them are vegan. Check the ingredients first before consuming.

Do you like macadamia nuts? What do you think about the flavored ones? 😉


Ala Moana Center is the largest shopping center in Honolulu and Hawaii all together. It is an open-air shopping center. It has over 350 stores and restaurants! By the way, Ala Moana means “Path to the Sea.” So pretty!

I’m ready to go! 🙂

Hi. Honolulu Hawaii.

Hi. 🙂

Have you visited the Ala Moana Center? How did you like it?

Pre-Waikiki Beach

Before heading off to Waikiki Beach, I made Tofu marinated in Sweet Teriyaki Sauce with Mixed Whole Grains and Carrots. Mmmm! An easy, healthy, and quick meal before the beach!

Carrots from KCC Farmer's Market were fresh and crunchy! Hawaii.

Carrots from KCC Farmer’s Market were fresh and crunchy!

At Waikiki Beach

The ocean waves of Waikiki Beach.

The ocean waves of Waikiki Beach.

Did you know? 

Waikiki Beach or Beaches? Technically, it’s beaches. Majority of people think of Waikiki as just one beach. Waikiki actually consists of multiple beaches with different names! To name a few, Duke Kahanamoku, Fort DeRussy, Kuhio, Kapiolani, and Diamond Head. The beach runs about 2 miles long! It is a popular tourist destination, so you’ll find many hotels, restaurants, and resorts in the area. By the way, Waikiki is an engineered beach. Sorry, I didn’t mean to burst your bubble. This famous beach has faced shoreline erosion for so long, and sand has been imported to the beaches for decades!

Waikiki means “Spouting Water.”

Watch the ocean waves of Waikiki beach in motion.

Aloha Duke Kahanamoku! 🙂

It’s the Father of Modern Surfing! The Big Kahuna. The Duke. Duke Kahanamoku! He won 5 Olympic medals in swimming and popularized ancient Hawaiin surfing!

Me with Duke Kahanamoku! Waikiki Beach. Hawaii.

Me with Duke Kahanamoku!

The sun is almost setting at Waikiki Beach!

As the sun is slowly setting... Waikiki Beach. Hawaii.

As the sun is slowly setting…

People are still out swimming! Waikiki Beach. Hawaii.

People are still out swimming!

The beauty of Waikiki right in front of my eyes. Watching the sunset. So romantic.

My first sunset at Waikiki Beach.

My first sunset at Waikiki Beach.

Enjoy the moment. It won't last forever. Waikiki Beach Hawaii.

“Enjoy the moment. It won’t last forever.”

My dinner before the night ends. I had Pad Thai mixed with Tofu and Vegetables.

Pad Thai. Yum. Hawaii.

Pad Thai. Yum.

Have you been to Waikiki Beach? What are your thoughts on it?

Travel Tips:

Ala Moana Center

Ala Moana Center Map

Ala Moana Center Map

  1. Garage parking available. Could be difficult to find parking, but it’s doable. Free.
  2. Hours: M-Sa, 9:30 am – 9:00 pm / Su, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
  3. It’s an open-air mall, but there’s no need to worry. Hawaii’s weather is superb majority of the time (when I was there). Hawaii’s weather is localized. That means it could be raining in one area, but sunny in the next.
  4. Wear sunblock.
  5. Go see the Hula Shows and watch Live Hawaiin Music.
  6. It’s near the Waikiki Hotels and Honolulu International Airport.


Waikiki Map

Waikiki Map

  1. Waikiki is a tourist spot. It is crowded. If you enjoy people watching, this is your place! You’ll see people from all around the world!
  2. It’s easily accessible and walkable, since it’s catered to travelers world wide!
  3. Lots of restaurants and bars to choose from.
  4. ABC Stores at every corner. It is overpriced. I highly recommend going to the Aloha Swap Meet instead.
  5. Just like any other beach, wear sun protection and apply regularly.
  6. There’s a Food Pantry nearby. Small grocery store, but it is overpriced.
  7. Other activities to do in Waikiki:

Lots to do. You’ll never be bored. Any favorites?

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