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Hello Hawaii: The Aloha State

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Destination: Honolulu, Hawaii

Flying Clouds Hawaii

Off to Honolulu, Hawaii!

I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. When I think of Hawaii, I think of sitting on the beach and sipping on fresh coconut out of a straw — with a tiny little umbrella. The fine sand between my toes. The bright blue turquoise ocean water. The crisp ocean breeze. Romantic walks on the beach. The gorgeous sunsets that are ridiculously vivid in color. The beautiful weather. Palm trees. Pineapples. Waves. Surfing. Kona coffee. Last but not least, spending days on the beach without worrying about a thing.

That is THE LIFE. 🙂

One day, I decided I was going to Hawaii. It was set. I was excited. I flew from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Honolulu, Hawaii. If you don’t know where Minneapolis is, here’s a map. Minneapolis is in the upper mid-west region of the United States. Anddddd there’s Hawaii! The estimated flight time is 9 hours and 45 minutes (10 hours total). The total flight duration for me was 12 hours!! It would’ve been a much shorter flight if I flew from California (where I live now).

Early in the morning. I dress pretty casual to airports. Comfort is key. I felt tired but excited at the same time. Here’s me with Snoopy. Snoopy is a very well-known pup in Minneapolis. He’s part of the Peanuts Gang. He is everywhere in MN!

Snoopy Airport MSP

Me with this Snoopy guy.

I arrived earlier than expected (always), so I had time to burn. What can you really do but explore the airport! A great way to get some exercise in! As always, I eat a healthy, fulfilling meal before arriving to the airport. My travel buddy, obviously, did not. We stopped by a restaurant called “Wok & Roll.” It’s a quick service type of restaurant serving Chinese cuisine. Here’s his food.

Airport food. Chinese Food.

Airport food. Chinese Food.

Waiting for my scheduled departure at MSP.

Waiting for my scheduled departure at MSP.

To Hawaii!

I too packed healthy, portable snacks with me on all of my trips. Usually dark chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruits (bananas, apples, oranges), and such. The airline did provide me with a snack — pretzels. It is what it is, guys.

Bring your own healthy snacks. Or eat pretzels...

Bring your own healthy snacks. Or eat pretzels…

Peeking out the window while taking off to Hawaii.


On the plane, all I did was sleep, eat, and browse the web. Mainly sleep. 12 hours is such a long time. I woke up to this: Clouds and the top view of Hawaii! 🙂

Flying Clouds Hawaii

Looks like cotton candy.

Flying Clouds Hawaii

Almost there…

Flying Landing Hawaii

Landing soon.

Aloha Hawaii!

My first day in Hawaii. I arrived after 6 pm. Here I am, stuck in Hawaii traffic. :'(

Driving Hawaii

Driving to my new home.

Once I settled in and unpacked, I left to go watch the fireworks at Waikiki Beach!

Hawaii at night.

Hawaii at night.

Watch the fireworks at Waikiki Beach with me! Fireworks only happens every Friday evening. They were amazing and beautiful! A great way to celebrate my first day on this AMAZING island! LOVEEE!!

Red and... Waikiki Hawaii

Red and…

Green! Waikiki Hawaii


After watching the fireworks, I roamed around Honolulu and picked up some food for the time-being. There was a food market just minutes away. I literally walked there! This isn’t a substantial meal, but it’s something to keep my stomach happy. I was so tired from the 12 hour flight. Good enough for the night! I absolutely love fruit. My favorite fruit would be the apple. Mmmm!

From the Food Pantry: Croissant Sandwich, Strawberries, Apples.

From the Food Pantry: Croissant Sandwich, Strawberries, Apples.

In Waikiki. So adorable! Hawaii.

In Waikiki. So adorable!

Goodnight Honolulu. Can't wait to see you in the morning!

Goodnight Honolulu. Can’t wait to see you in the morning!

That is my first night in Honolulu. It went as planned. No, I did not stay up late and party. I rested up for the next day. Many adventures to come! Many sights to see!

Ever been to Honolulu, Hawaii? How was it? 😃

Travel Tips:

  1. For long flights, wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  2. Pack light. Trust me, less worries!
  3. Choose a good airline to fly with.
  4. Fireworks at the Hawaiin Village at Waikiki Beach is free. Starts between 7:45 pm – 8:00 pm.

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