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How to use BP to treat acne

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Acne.org BP Treatment Gel
Acne.org BP Treatment Gel

I’ve had so much success with BP that I wanted to share how to use BP to achieve the same results as me — which is CLEAR SKIN!! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š Here are some helpful tips on how to use BP!

How to start using BP

When you start using BP, slather it all over your acne-prone areas and let it dry. Don’t pat it into the skin but smooth it all over your face and let it sink into the skin by itself. I applied it all over my face, since I have skin that is prone to acne, and I want to make sure that every inch of my face gets treated with care (except for my eye area, of course, haha). I used a lot of BP when I started. I continued to use the same amount of BP for weeks until my skin felt very dry or uncomfortable. That’s when I stopped applying BP to my skin. That doesn’t mean I quit on BP.

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Rest is important for the skin

Just like exercise, resting your skin is very important. It is not good to continue to use BP when your skin is flaking, dry, and feels uncomfortable. It’ll just make you feel terrible about your skin. The condition of the skin isn’t going to get better. From my own experience, taking breaks is very important for optimal results. Using BP every single day will not lead to quicker results. It takes time to get there depending on the amount of clogged pores/acne, type of acne you have. Take it slow if you must. You will get there if BP is effective on your type of acne.

Use BP in the morning or at night?

You can use BP in the morning if your skin can handle the medication. Some days of the week I did use it in the morning when I first started but only when my skin could tolerate it. Otherwise, I prefer to use BP at night, since BP takes a good amount of time to dry on the skin. I simply don’t have the time to wait for BP to sink into my skin.

Do not stop using BP, skipping days is OK

Don’t stop using BP just because you’re clear. Your skin is clear because of BP. You can skip days though. I do it quite often, since I don’t need to use BP every night anymore. My skin looks way better when I don’t use BP every night. I’ll use BP for 2-3 days then just moisturize my skin the next night. Once my skin gets a little oily, I jump back to using BP again. This routine has been working well. But, don’t go too long without BP. You need to stick with it to maintain a clear complexion!

How to moisturize when using BP

Moisturizing while on BP is good for the skin. It’s great to eliminate the acne, but for a smoother, brighter, even-toned complexion — moisturize! I use the AHA+ lotion and serums to keep my skin hydrated. I use the AHA+ lotion whenever possible. Just like BP, there is such a thing as too much AHA+ lotion. I rotate the AHA+ lotion like I do with BP. With the serums, I use it as often as possible. It really does help keep my skin looking really good. It also helps with the texture of my skin in the long run.

More tips to come! I hope this helped anyone battling acne! šŸ™‚

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