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I’m giving up on Differin.

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Differin Gel
Differin Gel

Hey everyone. I decided to give up on Differin today. Here’s why.

It’s not working for me. I started to notice more tiny little bumps on my forehead and cheeks. They are not going anywhere. I’ve been on Differin for 2 months and a half (nearing). I have yet seen any worthwhile results from it. My skin has been bothering me for months now. I’m going to stop using Differin and see what happens. My skin care routine will only consist of Acne.org BP Treatment Gel. I’ll use my serums when I can’t use BP in the morning. As I mentioned many times before, BP takes time to dry on the skin and makes it difficult to apply makeup. The BP rolls off of the skin with my foundation. lol. Let’s see what happens. If my skin improves, then Differin is the culprit. If not, then the serums could be the problem. I’m 100% sure BP wouldn’t cause acne to prolong on my skin. BP has always worked for my acne. It’s the only thing that works. Let’s see how this goes! I’m crossing my fingers for results! 🤞

Wish me luck! I really need it! 😊

Differin Week 1 Results

Differin Week 2 Results

Differin 1 Month Results

Differin 1.5 Months Results

Update: Differin + BP

Differin & BP 1 Month + 3 Weeks

Differin + BP 2 Month Update Results

Differin & BP 2 Months + 1 Week Results

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