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iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum?

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IUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum
iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum

My skin has been behaving nicely after adding The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane. I haven’t had any breakouts (yet). My skin looks really good! So I decided to give iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum another chance. I hope I’m not adding too many products too fast, but my gut instinct is telling me that adding a new product into my skin care routine is OK right now. I’ve used this serum twice already (last night and this morning). All is good so far. I only need a few drops to cover the whole face including the neck area. The serum feels lightweight and moisturizing on the skin. It absorbs into the skin very well. It vanishes into the skin. I think my skin is absorbing products a lot better now than before. That’s definitely a huge change. 🙂 I hope this serum works because it comes in a big bottle. haha. It’s going to last forever. I could use some extra moisture too. It’s also supposed to help with dry, dull, and hyperpigmentation. We’ll see how it goes!

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Review: iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum

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