My Tretinoin Journey: 1 Month + 1 Week Results

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Acne Skin Care Routine

Here are my results for this week! I hope this is helpful! 🙂

Day 29: Last night, I noticed tiny little flesh-colored bumps on my face (especially my forehead). I didn’t know what was going on. I thought about my skin care routine for a minute. I wondered if it was my new face wash, which is Trader Joe’s Nourish All-in-One Facial Cleanser. Perhaps it’s too gentle on my skin that it’s not removing the oils off of my face properly. So, I stopped using it and went back to my previous face wash — Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Face Wash. Voila! The next morning (today), the flesh-colored bumps diminished. I’m going to continue to use the Tea Tree Face Wash instead even though it tingles. It has always left my skin feeling clean and free of dirt, debris over any other face wash!

I’ve been wanting to reintroduce AHA back into my skin care routine. I think it’s time. All of the dead skin cells sloughed off after mosturizing my skin with jojoba oil. Yay! 🙌 My skin feels good even though it feels sensitive. It’s not too bad. So I started using AHA this morning. My experience from using it this morning has been good, since I have jojoba oil to keep my skin hydrated. 🙂 Other than that, my skin looks good. It’s still smooth and moving in the right direction. Not much acne left. Ahhh, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m going to end up with a huge acne infestation! haha. 😛

Day 30: After using AHA, I developed a pimple or two. I decided to use AHA 2 times a week only in the morning. Let my skin rest between days. I’m in no rush, since my skin is about ~98% clear. Using it more often than needed during the week isn’t going to make a difference. It’ll just dry out my skin even more.

At night, I noticed that my skin gets really oily when using Tret. It’s like a thick layer of oil sitting on my skin. :/ Maybe the formula isn’t right for me. I’m getting worried about the comedogenic ingredient in this cream. I might have to request a different version of it instead. I mean, my skin is very acne-prone and sensitive to heavy ingredients. That’s a thought. SO! I’m thinking about adding in BP in place of Tret every other day to combat the oilyness and fight acne. BP has always been good to me. My skin isn’t peeling anymore. Just a little here and there. Not like it was when I first started to use it. Also, I am using a moisturizer in the morning to combat the dryness. I think it’ll work!

ALSO, I have a new face wash that I would like to introduce — The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Set. I use it as my makeup remover. 🙂

Day 31: After using BP last night, my skin in the AM looked pretty good. I’m going to continue on with BP + Tret. This seems to be the best combination for my skin. Tret is making my skin so oily that it may be clogging my pores(???). I’m so petrified of this pore-clogging ingredient in the Tret cream. I’ll stick to it for the next 2 months. If it doesn’t change, I’ll have to convert.

P.S. Applying BP while on Tret has been a pain (literally). haha. It really does burn. Ahhhh!! 🙀

Day 32: I stopped using Tret and BP at night. It’s time to give my skin a rest. My skin feels dry, and it’s cracking. My skin went from 98% to almost 100% clear. By night, all of the dead skin from my face started to peel! Wow, my skin just needed a break from the ‘active’ skin care products to naturally peel again. And that’s what happened. Now I have a few tiny pimples to deal with. It’s from the skin shedding off of my face, lol. I’m very happy that I’m back to peeling. 🙂

So it looks like I don’t have to use my acne creams every day. Use it on some days, rest on other days.

Day 33: I’m going to continue the rest of this week moisturizing my skin. My skin is looking good. The pimples from yesterday vanished this morning. I can feel dead skin coming off of my face this morning too. Yes!! It’s good to give the skin a break. I’m seeing positive results!!! 🙂

Day 34: I was going to continue to moisturize until this week is over. But, my skin changed drastically overnight. I’m going to start using Tret and BP again. I will include days where I only mositurize the skin too. Wow, my skin looks sooo good! All I had to do was give my skin a break from acne creams. All of the dead skin peeled off and revealed smooth, clear skin underneath!! Now I know what my skin likes! 👍

Day 35: I can officially say that I am 100% clear! WOW! The texture of my skin has softened and improved dramatically! It’s all thanks to the combination of Tret + BP + AHA + jojoba oil. Since I don’t have any active acne, I am going to concentrate on improving my skin texture even more and diminish fine lines + wrinkles. I don’t have much acne scars to deal with. Thankfully. =) Applying makeup has been very easy. A thin layer is all I need! Or, NO MAKEUP!! 😊😊

Thank you for reading. ♥

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