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My Tretinoin Journey: 1 Month + 2 Weeks Results

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1 month + 2 weeks results! 🙂

Day 36: I started to use Tret again last night. My skin was so itchy by the end of the night. I also developed a few spots. wth! I was just 100% clear! GAH!!! Good news, they died out quickly. The benefits of Tret. =) My skin felt itchier today. I’m trying not to itch, but it’s been tough! The plan was to rotate between Tret + BP. Plans changed. I’m going to use AHA more often than BP. I used AHA this morning, and my skin peeled when I was cleansing my face. The skin just comes off so naturally! I love it. Let’s see how this AHA thing goes. I could be using it twice a day! The only downside to using it in the morning is that my skin starts to flake during the day. I’m using jojoba oil to keep my skin moisturized. It’s working! My skin doesn’t dry out easily anymore. Yay!! 🙌🏻

Day 37: After using AHA twice a day, my skin dried out. It helped to dry out some tiny pimples though. 🙂 But, I dont want my skin to dry out this much. I think it’s best to use AHA only 2-3 times a week. Giving the skin a break really helps dead skin come off easier.

Day 38: I used Tret last night. Yes, it made my skin very itchy. I’m itching my skin while I’m sleeping, lol. It looks like I will have to give my skin some time to peel, since it feels/looks like it will eventually soon. I can feel a thick layer of skin that’s going to come off soon, haha!

*waiting for skin to peel for smoother skin* hahaha! =)

Day 39: All of the dead skin came off last night. Seems like there’s more stuck to my skin. I’m waiting for it to slough off. haha. Hopefully by tonight! Every time I shed, I get tiny new pimples. But, they die out quickly. So, I’m happy about that. My skin is moving in the right direction. It hasn’t been a bad week afterall. 🙂

Update for nighttime results: My skin peeled again. It looks like I can’t use AHA too often. Perhaps only 2-3 times a week in the morning or night. Tret would be every other day. BP when my skin gets oily. I have to make sure to moisturize my skin to help the dead skin to come off easily and naturally. I don’t want to tug at my skin because I don’t want wrinkles.

Day 40: This week is going by so fast. I can’t believe I’m almost done with this week. That means I’ve been on this journey for 1.5 months! WOW. And I don’t think my skin is near as I want it yet. It was 100% clear, but it’s been on and off. My skin would clear up then I would shed + new acne forms. What a process it is! The texture is very nice! It’s smooth and pores are smaller. 🙂 My skin felt dry today, so I moisturized in the morning and at night. No acne creams. Letting my skin rest before I continue on with treatment. It’s going to be a longer process than I thought. I’ll have to trust the process. Moving on…

Note: I am spot treating with BP, not applying it to my whole face unless needed.

Day 41: Tonight, I used AHA. I’ll get back on Tret tomorrow. I’ll alternate between AHA and Tret. Not much to report today. The last remains of the peel came off today. I’m ready for the next peel. LOL.

Day 42: My skin looks really good this morning. 1 tiny zit popped out of nowhere. The rest have shrunk and are healing. It’s so weird when I get pimples in places that I usually don’t get. But anywho, let’s stay strong and look forward to better days! On a good note, my skin texture is really good! I’m very happy about that! Well, everyone, back on Tret tonight! Let’s see how it goes! haha! 😀

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