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My Tretinoin Journey: 1 Month + 3 Weeks Results

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Alpha Skin Care Intensive Renewal Serum
Alpha Skin Care Intensive Renewal Serum

1 month + 3 weeks results! Let’s get started! 🙂

Day 43: It’s a new week! My skin looks OK this morning. I know it’s healing from the peeling, but I’m not feeling it much. I started Tret last night, and I think I’m going to use Tret again tonight. My skin isn’t itchy right now. I’m not sure if it’ll get itchy again when I contiue to use Tret. From my experience, it could/will happen, haha. We will see as the day goes on. I’m really in love with the transformation of my skin texture. It looks amazing. I wished I had gone on Tret last year. It has made my life SO MUCH BETTER. What an improvement! I feel so comfortable in my own skin. ♥

Day 44: My skin looks better this morning after discontinuing The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Set. <<< Go here to read more about it! So I’m back on Tretinoin. I can see some light peeling going on. Whew! I’m glad it’s still working. My skin isn’t as sensitive anymore. Possibly due to keeping my skin hydrated. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next day to see improvements!! Yay! Let’s go! :]

Day 45: I’ve used Tret 3 days in a row. My skin started to breakout a little bit and get itchy on the third day. I might have to rest tonight because it’s driving me insane. As long as I use Tret at least 4 times per week, it’s OK! I’m going to have to take it slow.

Day 46: I’ve come to the conclusion that the cream version of Tret IS NOT working out for me. Every time I use it, it looks like my pores are getting clogged even more. I know my skin. THIS is NOT normal. I understand that Tret can make the skin break out, since it peels the skin, but this isn’t something that’s supposed to be happening. Something just doesn’t feel/look right to me. It looks like I have a bumpy rash on my face. The cream version has changed the texture of my skin, but it’s not meshing with my ‘acne-prone skin’. My skin is VERY acnegenic. I seriously need to watch what I use on my skin. I think it has to do with the comedogenic ingredient that’s in it — isopropyl myristate. Luckily, I had this issue situated. When I get my hands on the gel version, I will start using Tretinoin again. Yep, it’s time to ditch the cream for the gel.

Day 47: I’m still waiting on the gel. I won’t be able to start it yet until I receive it. Soooo, right now, I’m just using AHA at night and moisturizing in the morning and at night. I’m letting my skin heal from the Tret cream. The active ingredient works, but the base isn’t for me. It’s like my skin has progressed. At the same time, my skin isn’t reaching its full potential. My skin is supposed to be fully perfect by now. And how do I know this? Every time I use the cream, I get whiteheads and hard sebum in my pores. Blackheads too. Blackheads are rare for me. The isopropyl myristate really did the damage. I don’t recommend it if you have acne-prone skin. BUT, who knows. Until I start using the gel version…we will know what is really up! I can definitely say that my skin is calming down from discontinuing the use of the cream.

Day 48: My skin is clearing up again after not using the Tret cream. Not much to report besides the AHA is doing my skin good! My skin looks extra bright! I’m feeling good about my skin today. 🙂

Day 49: It’s the end of the week. So glad I stopped using the cream. My skin is going back to it’s ‘clear’ state. No more weird hard sebum, blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne. They are vanishing after I discontinued the Tret cream. I haven’t started the Tret gel yet. I will let everyone know when I do.

Let’s move on to the next week! I am pretty excited! It’s time to move into the right direction once again! I’m feeling optimistic and positive! 😊😊😊

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