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My Tretinoin Journey: 1 Month Results!

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1 month results… 🙂

Day 22: Alright! After this week, I’m a month in. My face is so red. I’m not even joking. It itches so much! So I stopped using AHA in the morning. I decided not to use it anymore due to the dryng effect. lol. Oops. Lesson learned. Tret and BP dries out the skin so much already. I don’t want my skin to become even more irritated. I’m not enjoying this at all. In the morning, I will simply moisturize my skin. At night, alternate between BP and Tret. I will be using Tret more often than BP. If I feel that my skin is getting more oily, I’ll use BP. Other than that, I’ll keep using Tret. Also, if my skin gets very dry, I’ll use a mosturizer in place of Tret or BP. Well, I hope this itchiness and dryness goes away soon. Bleh. I hope to see true results soon. I only have 2 zits. One cyst and a whitehead. It’s just that my skin is so freaking dry and itchy. Moving on to the next day…

P.S. I switched over to a more gentle face wash (pictured) — Trader Joe’s Nourish All-in-One Facial Cleanser

Day 23: It looks like I have to restore the moisture in my skin. My skin barrier is very dry. I can see flakes coming off and peeling. It’s just so dry that it’s not coming off properly. This morning, I moisturized, moisturized, and moisturized some more. No chemical exfoliants anymore. This dry skin is making my skin look aged, haha. 😭😭😭 Moisturizing helped A TON. By night, the dead skin came off. That one cyst exploded, LOL!! I have another cyst on my chin. Ugh! It’s freaking painful. The whitehead died out. I think my skin is moving in the right direction again once I added more moisture to my skin. It seems like I have to treat my skin as if I have dry skin instead of oily skin. Hmmm, interesting. All I know is that my skin feels baby soft and looks good! What a huge difference compared to yesterday! 😁

Day 24: Skin looks really good today!! A few new tiny pimples after the dead skin came off yesterday (and this morning!!!). I am shedding! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Cysts came to a head. I extracted them. I’m speaking about this casually because I have experience with them. haha. I’m going to continue to keep my skin extra hydrated. Once again, no chemical exfoliants. It’s going to be all about moisturizing in the morning. BP and Tret (on most days) at night. 🙂

Keeping the skin moisturized seems to be the key to making this work! I’m so happy that my skin is improving!! 🙌

Day 25: Still dealing with dry skin that’s itchy. Fortunately, it’s not as itchy as before. It has toned down a bit. Cysts are clearing up. No new breakouts, but I’ve experienced some hard comedones. =/

Day 26: I’ve introduced some new moisturizing skin care products into my skin care routine. They are…

Wow, by the end of the day, all of the dead skin cells that were hanging from my face came off easily. I used my finger tips to remove them in the shower. OMG, my face feels so clean and smooth. It’s improving!! Keeping the skin moisturized throughout the day is working for me! Unbelievable! I haven’t used BP at all this week. I don’t intend to anymore unless my skin really needs it. Tret is doing the job!! YAY!!!! So close to finishing one month of Tret. I’m happy to be moving in the right direction again! Cheers!! 🙂

Day 27: Another good day where new skin has been revealed. A few tiny breakouts. Nothing major. My skin is looking good! The texture…it’s sooo smooth. Tret is showing results after keeping my skin hydrated during the day. I’m still not using AHA in the morning. I’m going to stick to this routine because it’s working. Tret is irritating enough. I don’t want to deal with nasty itchy, dry skin…

Day 28: It’s the last day of the first month on Tret. My skin has improved. What I learned is that moisturizing the skin is very imporant when you’re on this cream. Even though the cream doesn’t feel irritating when applied, that doesnt mean irritation is not occuring. Jojoba oil is what saved my skin from the extreme dryness and itchiness. I really hope I don’t get a breakout from it. So far, it has been treating my skin well. No breakouts (yet). *crosses fingers*

Let’s move on to the next week! 😁😁

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