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Review: Derma E Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste

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Derma E Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste
Derma E Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste

I ventured out to other cleansing skin care products while using Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel and Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Facial Cleanser. I picked up Derma E Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste. You know, just to see if it’s any better than the other two…

About Derma E Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste:


I love the claims of this product. They sound SO GOOD! The name of the product really intrigues me — Vitamin C Gentle Daily Cleansing Paste. Yep, CLEANSING PASTE! Reminds me of mixing and turning turmeric into a paste to remove acne scars. I actually did that before, and it worked! 😁 The only issue with that method is that it stains the skin yellow/orange. =/

This product dispenses out as a paste (what it’s supposed to be). It’s pink in color with gentle exfoliants (ancient rice). It’s not abrasive. Very gentle on the skin. The smell of the product is pretty gross (to me). The first day I used this cleansing paste I thought it was OK. It was different. It’s thick, pasty (not creamy), gently exfoliates, and brightens the skin. Awesome. On the second day, I was worried. I could feel that the cleansing paste was not cleansing my skin thoroughly. It left a nasty film on my skin after I rinsed it with water. Yuck! I tried it again that same day (at night). The result was the same. I was so worried that my pores would get clogged and followed up with another facial cleanser. The next morning (third day), I realized that I wasn’t imagining things. This cleansing paste is not good for my facial skin. It clogged my pores. I ended up with pimples because of it. And it’s due to the fact that it doesn’t rinse clean. Luckily, I didn’t use it for a whole week. My skin would’ve been ruined. Whew! I stopped using it ASAP. Honestly, I don’t think this cleansing paste makes a good cleanser or should be called a ‘cleansing’ paste. It doesn’t cleanse the skin. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. A good facial cleanser should leave the skin residue free. Since I have a whole tube of this stuff left, I’ll use it to exfoliate my hands. Seems to work better at that! I won’t repurchase ever again. This product was TERRIBLE!! 😑

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