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Review: Deva Vegan Hair, Nails, & Skin Supplement

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Deva Hair Skin Nails Vegan Supplement
Deva Hair Skin Nails Vegan Supplement

I love hair, skin, and nails supplements. It’s helpful to get a boost of nutrition along with a clean, healthy diet. Other hair, skin, and nails supplements I have tried in the past were Vitacost Hair, Skin & Nails, Nature’s Way AKN Skin Care, and Solgar Skin, Hair, & Nails. None of them worked for me. They didn’t do too much for me, so I moved onto another supplement. I’ve been using Deva Vegan Hair, Nails, & Skin Supplement for months now.  I’m on my third bottle. I always give supplements a chance. I don’t just go through one bottle, but several of them. It takes time to see results!! If I don’t see any difference after multiple bottles, I move on to the next thing! Now that I’ve had a chance to try this supplement. This is what I think about it!

I love how this supplement doesn’t contain any animal products. It’s vegan. The first time I opened my first bottle of this supplement, it smelled horrible. After some time, I became accustomed to it. The tablets were easy to take. I took one every single day religiously, which is the recommended amount. Here are my results.

For hair, skin, and nails supplements, I have to be careful which ones I take because I have acne-prone skin. I can easily break-out. Luckily, I didn’t get breakouts from this supplement! This is why I continued to take it. I don’t think it made my hair grow faster or skin look better. I didn’t notice longer, stronger nails either. It’s a nice supplement because I didn’t have any bad effects while using it daily. I will continue to use the last bottle. I am on the look out for something better though. Would I recommend this supplement? Yes, if you’re interested in a hair, skin, and nails supplement, this is a good one to try. I think it’s better than the last three hair, skin, and nails supplements I have used. I wouldn’t mind doing a 4th bottle. Maybe #4 is the magic number!

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