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Review: Quest Protein Bars (Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate PB, Chocolate Brownie, Cookies & Cream)

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Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Hazelnut
Quest Protein Bar (Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate PB, Chocolate Brownie, Cookies & Cream)

I have more Quest Protein Bars to review. I’ve already reviewed three shown in the photo. They are…

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Brownie

Cookies & Cream

Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Hazelnut:

Review on Chocolate Hazelnut:

Definitely tastes like hazelnuts due to the hazelnut chunks in the bar. The overall taste of the bar was meh. I don’t know what it is with Quest Protein Bars that I don’t like. This is another flavor that I wouldn’t buy again. I can easily buy a bag of hazelnuts and enjoy that instead. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Don’t even bother.

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