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Review: Quest Protein Bars (Cookie Dough, S’Mores, Double Chocolate Chunk, Mint Chocolate Chunk)

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Quest Bars Mix Review
Quest Protein Bars (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, S’Mores, Double Chocolate Chunk, Mint Chocolate Chunk)

I have four Quest Protein Bars to review. Two of them I’ve already done. The other two are new.

Review on Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Review on S’mores

Quest Protein Bar Mint Chocolate Chunk:

Review on Mint Chocolate Chunk:

I was very excited to try this protein bar flavor out. I love mint chocolate chip or chunk ice cream. It’s godsend! Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to its name. It didn’t taste anything like mint chocolate. It was awful tasting. Another protein bar by Quest that didn’t live up to my expectations. Yuck. Would not recommend.

Quest Protein Bar Double Chocolate Chunk:

Review on Double Chocolate Chunk:

Tastes like chocolate. It’s a lot chewier compared to other Quest protein bars. I wish it had more chocolate chunks though. That would be better. This one isn’t too bad. I found one Quest protein bar that doesn’t taste too gross. This one gets a thumbs up. 👍

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