Review: OWYN Plant Based Bar Chocolate Chip Cranberry

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OWYN Plant Based Bar
OWYN Plant-Based Protein Bar

I’m back to testing out vegan protein bars and snacks. This brand right here, OWYN (Only What You Need) is new to me. The first flavor I purchased is Chocolate Chip Cranberry. This is what it looks like when I opened the package.

OWYN Plant Based Bar
What it looks like

Here are the Nutrition Facts.

OWYN Plant Based Bar Nutrition
Nutrition Facts Label

Here’s the real deal. It’s packed with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, chocolate chips, dried cranberries. Sounds good.

OWYN Plant Based Bar
Whole Chocolate Chip Cranberry Bar
OWYN Plant Based Bar
What do you think?

I’ve gone through 7 bars already. Not in one day. Over a span of time, haha. I think this flavor isn’t for everyone. You really need to become aquainted with the flavor. It’s not the most tastiest. It’s bland. It’s one of those ‘clean’ tasting bars out there. The texture is chewy and crunchy at the same time. The crunchiness comes from the pumpkin seeds.

Even though it wasn’t the best tasting bar, I thought it was very satisfying. Possibly due to the nuts and seeds in it. I wouldn’t classify this as a ‘protein bar’. It’s more like a snack bar. I mean, 240 calories for 10 grams of protein isn’t that much. My Orgain Organic Protein Bar contains 140 calories and 10 grams of protein. That’s more protein for 140 calories.

Would I recommend this bar? Honestly, I don’t feel the urge to buy it again. Only if it was a last resort.

So have you tried OWYN bars before? Share your experience and thoughts!

Review: Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein Bars

September 7, 2019 UPDATE: I have two bars left. I’m having a hard time finishing them. I changed my mind. I will not buy these ever again anywhere. I never knew I could hate pumpkin seeds this much. The flavor/taste of the bar isn’t for me.

Love, Jen

Larabar Cherry Pie

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Review: Larabar Cherry Pie
Review: Larabar Cherry Pie

Another Larabar I’ve had before. It’s the Larabar Cherry Pie! Check out my first review on it here. Keep reading for my new review. Of course, first, about the Larabar Cherry Pie! 🍒

Larabar Cherry Pie:

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Cherries.

Larabar Cherry Pie, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients
Larabar Cherry Pie, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

My thoughts on the Cherry Pie the first time was that it’s a simple bar with only a few ingredients. In fact, it does contain only three ingredients. As mentioned above, dates, almonds, and cherries. I think that’s pretty straightforward. Once again, the Cherry Pie was sweet. I’m not into overly sweet foods, but this wasn’t bad (once again). I’ve had other people try it out again too, and they didn’t like it, lol. To me, it tastes like a healthy version of a cherry pie but sweeter. I think I would purchase the Cherry Pie again if I wanted something sweet/tart and healthy at the same time. Not too shabby. I like cherries. I would only recommend this flavor to people that love sweet treats.

Have you tried Larabar Cherry Pie before? Share your experience. Leave a comment!

Photos of Larabar Cherry Pie:

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