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Why I Choose to Forgive & Let Go

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Here are the options when it comes to forgiving and forgetting.

Forgive and don’t forget.

Don’t forgive but forget.


Or Both.

I choose both. To forgive and forget BUT learn from it and take that piece of learning experience with me. Essentially, I am forgiving, forgetting, and letting go. See, most people I’ve encountered choose to never forgive and never forget, forgive but never forget, or don’t forgive yet forget. I eventually will ask, “How’s the baggage?” If you’re not forgiving and never forgetting, then you’re carrying weight on your shoulders of the past. If you’re forgiving and never forgetting or vice versa, you’re doing the same thing. The problem with not forgiving and never forgetting is that it negatively impacts your life and your character. Not someone else’s.

I don’t believe in repeating the same patterns again. I don’t believe in feeling self-righteous over another human being to prove a point. There is no such a thing as a perfect human being. I asked myself, “What if it were me asking for forgiveness and truly meant it?” Hmm. What goes around comes around. This is why I choose to forgive those that have done me wrong. It doesn’t mean I have to like them. But I don’t believe in holding on to past grudges. I rather take it as a learning experience and let it go. Here’s a quote that I would love to share. It’s very true indeed.

“Can you forgive those who have hurt you? Because that’s where healing starts.”

To heal, you must forgive those that have hurt you. This is what happens when you forgive. This is what happened to me when I chose to forgive, forget, and let go.

Feelings of hurt and anger disappears

Any feelings of hurt and anger dissipated. I don’t have this burden of hurt and anger weighing me down every time I think about what happened, or when someone brings it up. What occurred was just a short chapter of my life. It doesn’t define me as a person. What defines me as a person are the choices I make afterwards. That is what I will become. Now I can truly live and enjoy life in the present and look forward to the future without any resentment.

I have my life back

I have the power to choose how I want to live my life and that’s with kindness and compassion. With this choice, I learn how to love myself, so I can radiate that positive energy to those around me. Treat everyone as equals regardless of who they are. Don’t wish bad on anyone as I wouldn’t want someone doing the same to me. Bad thoughts like these contaminates the mind with toxic, negative energy. Now, the power of my life is in my hands. I choose to identify living as my life, not just being hurt or angry.

Feeling at peace

Not forgiving will harbor feelings of anger, bitterness, hurt in your life. It will take away peace and joy from your life. When you forgive someone, you have the ability to forgive yourself too. It brings balance back into your life. That inner peace is what will settle your heart and mind into a quiet, calm, and harmonious place. I forgive not because someone deserves it. I forgive so I can be at peace — my mind, my heart, my soul.

I won’t carry past hurt into future relationships

Without forgiveness, it’s impossible (from my experience) to have happy, healthy, meaningful new relationships. People that can’t let go of the past have trouble living in the present and are unable to appreciate what they have, so they destroy it with their insecurities. New relationships need to be nurtured with love and care to flourish.

Thank you for reading. ♥

8 Ways to Feel Better when You’re Sick

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Sick Days

I haven’t caught a cold in forever. I’ve been chasing around my nieces and nephews. Being the fun aunt and cuddling them to death. I love them. But, kids tend to harbor a lot of germs. They don’t cover their mouths when they cough. Even when they are told to do so. Here it is. 7 ways to feel better when you’re sick. Ah choo! 🤧

Note: I thought I caught a cold, but I didn’t. Thank you strong immune system for fighting back. 😀

1. Facial steam

Do a facial steam. Here’s how to.

Facial steaming is good for clearing nasal pathways and also good for your skin. Ever since I’ve been facial steaming, my breathing and skin has improved. For my skin, I use a face mask afterwards.

2. Sip on warm water with lemon

Squeeze some lemon into your cup of warm water. Add honey (not vegan) to your cup if you choose to do so. Just a personal preference, I like to add lemon or lime only. I tend to avoid honey in foods.

3. Take a zinc supplement

Zinc is known to reduce the length of the common cold. You’ll recover much faster. I have a bottle of zinc that I take along with my daily supplement to stay healthy. 🙂

4. Try Echinacea

Echinacea is an herb. It can help increase the recovery time from a cold. It can reduce the severity of your symptoms too. My favorite echinacea supplement comes in a spray bottle. I use it to spray the back of my throat when I feel an itch or cold coming on. It works like a charm, and it’s natural!

5. Salt Water

Gargle some salt water. Salt has antibacterial properties. This will help soothe a sore throat.

6. Get enough rest

Not getting enough rest will weaken your immune system. Don’t stay up too late cruising the internet or watching tv. Make it a priority to get enough sleep so you’ll wake up feeling better the next day!

7. Don’t do strenuous workouts

Yearning to run 10 miles? Don’t. Give your body time to rest before jumping back into your workout routine. Strenuous exercise puts stress on the body and weakens the immune system. You’re better off keeping it low-key. Avoid going to the gym. You don’t want to pass your germs to someone else. Take care of yourself first.

8. Drink enough fluids

Drink your fluids to prevent your body from dehydration. Stick to pure water. Stay away from alcohol, coffee, and anything with caffeine in it. Fluids will help you breathe easier by loosening mucus in the upper and lower resipiratory system.

I hope this helps. Feel better. ♥

© Jennifer Nguyen