My Lip Care Routine

Lip Care Routine

Here’s my lip care routine! πŸ‘„ This is what I use to keep my lips smooth, moisturized, and healthy-looking. πŸ™‚

Lip Mask

I’ve been using a lip sleeping mask for almost 2 years now. The lip sleeping mask I’m currently using is Carenel Lip Sleeping Mask. I’m on my second jar. I’ve been using this lip mask every night and haven’t made a dent in the jar yet. I still have a lot of product left. This stuff seems to last forever! So this lip mask isn’t my favorite. I don’t have a favorite yet. I haven’t tried that many lip masks. Just the one I’m using right now. Since I haven’t finished it yet, there’s no reason to purchase a new one any time soon. I do have a small jar of Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (sample size, pictured in photo) that I haven’t tried out yet. I’ll test it out once I finish Carenel. I just don’t feel like moving on from Carenel yet until I finish it, lol.

So the Carenel Lip Sleeping Mask feels sticky when applied to the lips. I apply enough product over the lips to keep my lips moisturized. Just like I’m applying a facial mask but for the lips. The sleeping mask stays in place and doesn’t run off of my lips, which I love! It’s non-messy even though it has a sticky texture to it. I wish it was more moisturizing, but I’m not too dissatisfied with this sleeping mask. I’m able to use it without skipping nights and disliking it. It’ll work for the time being. It has a berry-ish scent to it. The fragrance of the product isn’t overwhelming. I don’t love it, but I’m not bothered by it. I can use it without any issues. No burning or irritation of any kind.

Lip Scrub

I usually don’t use a dedicated lip scrub product for my lips. I have a face brush that I run over my lips when I use it to wash my face, or I just use a toothbrush. I feel that the methods I use work the same as a store-bought lip scrub. The results are pretty much the same. They both remove dead skin cells. But, one summer I purchased a few jars of St Ives Lip Scrub Juicy Watermelon to try out. This is a lip scrub made out of sugar crystals. It feels a bit sticky, but it works to remove dead skin from the lips. I wish I was able to move the product over the lips much more easily and comfortably. To add some slip to the lip scrub, I added a few drops of almond oil or jojoba oil to make it easier to move over the lips without tugging the skin too much. I don’t use this product often. I feel like I don’t need it. Once I finish it up, I won’t purchase it again. Also, I prefer the other methods I mentioned earlier to remove dead skin from my lips. It’s inexpensive and works long term for me. I’ve been doing it for so long that there’s no need to change it. It was nice to try out a lip scrub again though. Maybe I just haven’t found a lip scrub that I really liked yet. This one wasn’t too bad. I’m just not overly ecstatic about it.

Healing Ointment

This is my favorite product out of all of the products I use on my lips. It’s the CeraVe Healing Ointment. This product contains mineral oil, paraffin, ceramides, cholesterol, vitamin e, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, etc. I use this healing ointment on my lips every night to seal in moisture after I apply the lip sleeping mask. It works to keep my lips soft and moist the next morning. The CeraVe Healing Ointment isn’t just great for the lips. It works for dry patches of skin, itchy skin, irritated skin, and so much more! It’s an awesome sealant to keep moisture in the skin. I love that it contains ceramides. That makes it an even better product! This is a multi-purpose product that I love to have around since I can’t use what people recommend all the time (Aquaphor). Aquaphor makes my skin really irritated and itchy. It must be the lanolin! Every time I use a product with that ingredient on my face, my skin breaks out in hives. My face hates it! With CeraVe (lanolin-free), I have no issues. Just soft, smooth, and moisturized skin. It’s great for healing the skin. I have a few bottles of CeraVe Healing Ointment sitting around just in case I need to save my skin.

Sun Protection

In the morning, I use Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It’s not the most moisturizing lip balm, but it’s not drying. This is a chemical-based SPF lip balm. Broad spectrum. It’s water-resistant (80 minutes). I’ve gone through so many that I’ve lost count. It’s an affordable SPF for the lips. I just stuck with it because I have no reason to switch to any other SPF. It works. It’s inexpensive. It does what it’s supposed to do. It protects the lips from harmful UVB and UVA rays. It’s a high SPF lip balm too (SPF 50!!!). I always make sure to stash one or two in my pocket or bag just in case I need it. I get freckles on my lips. This lip balm with sunscreen has helped prevent more freckles from forming.

That’s my lip care routine for now. 😊

Updated Review onΒ Carenel Lip Night Mask!

Carnel Sleeping Lip Care

I finally finished a whole jar of Carenel Lip Night Mask. Looks like I finished it in a year and a half. Whoa! But anyways here are my thoughts on this lip night mask once more. If you missed out on my previous review on it, don’t forget to click that link above!

My experience with this lip mask has been positive. It does what it’s supposed to do and that is to moisturize the lips overnight for soft, plump lips the next morning! That’s what it exactly did! It’s not your basic lip balm that provides subtle or lightweight moisture. It deeply moisturizes and drenches the lips overnight until the next morning. The product does claim to exfoliate the lips. Um, no, it doesn’t. But that’s OK. It’s just a very moisturizing lip night mask and it works for that purpose. I purchased it to keep my lips hydrated anyways. The lip mask has a berry smell to it. I’m pretty neutral about the fragrance of the product. Maybe I’m just used to it. The smell of the product doesn’t bother me at all. The product itself feels a bit sticky and tacky, but that wasn’t a huge problem. The texture of the product made it easier to apply the lip mask at night over my lips without melting off of my lips. The stickiness helped to keep the mask on my lips without making a mess.

The lip mask comes with a tiny spoon. I used it for a little bit but threw it out later on. I don’t remember when, but I didn’t need it anymore. It was more of a hassle to use the little spoon with the mask compared to just using my fingers to scoop out the product. I washed my hands before dipping my fingers into the jar, by the way. Each time I used the product too. So the product is soft and intact. It’s really easy to use. I enjoyed my time using it. Also, it’s very affordable. Mine lasted pretty long. As mentioned before, about a year and a half. I just opened a fresh new jar of the lip night mask. Honestly, I like it. πŸ’ž FYI, I used the lip mask every night. I mean, why not?? I like to keep my lips soft, smooth, and moisturized. And my lips look way better the next morning, especially when applying lipsticks, lip colors. They just look smoother on my lips. I’m glad I was dedicated to using this product, lol. There were times I didn’t use the lip mask alone. After applying the mask over my lips, I followed up with another product. That product is the CeraVe Healing Ointment. I tend to slather my lips with a product or two for softer and smoother lips in the morning. I had a few containers of the CeraVe Healing Ointment and needed to use them up. The combination of the mask and ointment did a wonderful job at healing my lips and sealing in moisture overnight. It also helped with the removal of dead skin cells. I could easily exfoliate my lips at ease with little effort.

Overall, I think I would purchase this product again in the future or try something new. I’m not entirely committed to it, to be honest, haha. πŸ˜‚ It’s a nice product. It works. Maybe I’m just searching for more. lol. I have another jar to finish anyways. I’m not going to purchase anything else any time soon. Well! I hope this review was helpful. πŸ’‹

Review: Carenel Lip Night Mask

Carnel Sleeping Lip Care

I’ve always wanted to try a lip mask, so I picked up Carenel Lip Night Mask. My lips get kind of crusty and chapped from time to time (lol), so it’s good to keep them moisturized and healthy. I’ve read so many good reviews on this product that I decided to give it a try! The purpose of this lip mask is to exfoliate and moisturize the lips overnight for soft, plump kissable lips! It’s infused with strawberry, macadamia, olive oil, and raspberry extracts. Sounds good! Here are my thoughts on this lip mask after…nearly a year using it. I know! I’ve had it for that long! I’m still on my first jar! It seems to last forever! haha! Here we go! 😁

This lip night mask comes in a jar with a tiny spoon. The product is soft and intact. It’s not like other lip balms where it melts and gets everywhere. I did notice that the mask smells really good. It smells exactly like what it says it’s supposed to smell like….berries! It smells so good and doesn’t have an awful taste to it. It’s not like I eat it intentionally. It’s on my lips, so there’s a possible chance it gets in my mouth. lol. Also, the mask is sticky when applied to the lips, but that sticky texture that it has helps the product stay in place instead of running off of the lips. It does a very good job at moisturizing the lips and smoothing out fine lines. Exfoliating? Not so much. It doesn’t have exfoliating properties. But it helps to soften the lips before exfoliating the lips with a lip scrub. πŸ‘ˆπŸ» I use this one. πŸ™‚ I noticed results after the first night of using this lip mask! It works way better than any other lip balm I have used. Works better than Vaseline (petroleum jelly). And Vaseline melts from the lips and gets on my skin around my mouth area. Yuck! This lip mask is absolutely working for me. I just have to remember to slap some on before I go to sleep. So far, the results…love it!

Here’s my jar of lip mask or lip moisturizer. It’s a nice berry color and smells like berries. I still have a ton left. I wonder how long it’s going to last. Hmmm!

Carnel Sleeping Lip Care

βœ… Pros

❌ Cons

I’ve been using this lip mask every night. I just apply a nice layer of the product onto my lips and leave it on overnight. My lips are soft and can be easily exfoliated with a lip scrub or facial brush the next morning. This lip mask works to moisturize dry, chapped lips. Awesome lip mask! Would recommend!

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