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Review: Quest Protein Bars (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Raspberry, Blueberry Muffin)

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Quest Protein Bars

These are the last Quest Protein Bars I have. Whew! Finally. From left to right: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Raspberry, Blueberry Muffin. I’ve already reviewed Blueberry Muffin. <<< Check out the review here!

Quest Protein Bar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip:

Review on Oatmeal Chocolate Chip:

It tastes like oatmeal and chocolate chips. Not bad. It still didn’t stand out to me. I think I rather just eat oatmeal with the carbs. I wasn’t impressed with the oatmeal chocolate chip bar. I like oatmeal. I’ll stick to actual oatmeal and sprinkle some chocolate chips into my bowl of oatmeal.

Quest Protein Bar Mocha Chocolate Chip:

Review on Mocha Chocolate Chip:

The Mocha Chocolate Chip was pretty good. Found a Quest Protein Bar that I liked. It smells like coffee. Coffee flavored snacks are always good. I’d recommend this one.

Quest Protein Bar White Chocolate Raspberry:

Review on White Chocolate Raspberry:

Another Quest Protein Bar that’s good. I’m a fan of white chocolate. This bar did taste pretty good. It’s sweet and satisfying. I’d say go for it if you like white chocolate raspberry desserts.

I’m stunned that I liked a couple of Quest Protein Bars this time around — Mocha Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Raspberry. Will I go out of my way for them?? I don’t know. I’m going to be on a search for some good vegan, dairy-free protein bars instead. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this review.

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Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal

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Trader Joe's Organic Flaxseed Meal

Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal

Let’s have a chat about FLAXSEED!! We’ve talked about chia seeds (Trader Joe’s Organic Chia Seed) and covered a little bit about hemp seeds (Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts) but never flaxseed. So, I decided to add some flaxseed to my diet. It’s healthy. It’s good for you. Why not? The flaxseed I purchased is from Trader Joe’s. It’s called Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal. Here it is (pictured). Read more about it below.

Brand New Trader Joe's Organic Flaxseed Meal

Brand New Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal

Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal:

Ingredients: Organic Ground Flaxseeds.

Nutrition Facts: A serving of Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal is 2 tablespoons for 90 calories. Not bad at all. Remember, Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal provides 3000 mg ALA per serving. ALA is alpha-linolenic acid. A form of plant-based omega-3 fatty acid. It’s good for the heart. It’s good for your health. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, this is one of the many ways to get essential omega-3’s into your diet!

Trader Joe's Organic Flaxseed Meal, Nutrition Facts

Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal, Nutrition Facts

Photos of Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal:

This is what Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal looks like. It can easily be incorporated into a bowl of warm oatmeal (keep reading to find out how), homemade protein bars, and other baked goods. It works out great! I highly recommend it! Whole flaxseed is available too if you’re interested. You can purchase them and grind them up yourself. I prefer my flaxseeds already milled for me out of convenience, but I am open to using whole flaxseed (which I have in the past). Which do you prefer? Do you prefer whole flaxseed or ground flaxseed??


Why eat flaxseed? This is why! 10 Health Benefits of Flaxseed!

  1. Lowers blood pressure
  2. Prevents colon cancer
  3. Good for the skin and hair
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. High in fiber (contains both insoluble and soluble fiber)
  6. Rich in lignans (a phytonutrient)
  7. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
  8. Heart healthy
  9. Good source of iron
  10. Good source of plant-based protein

How to Use Flaxseed:

I’ve been adding 1-2 tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal into my oatmeal. Flaxseed blends very well in a warm bowl of oatmeal. I’ll show you how.

Step 1: Add oatmeal with your choice of plant-based milk. Some days, I use coconut milk. Other days, I use soy milk. I switch it up all the time. Cook the oatmeal and milk mixture as you normally would.

Oatmeal with Coconut Milk

Oatmeal with Coconut Milk

Step 2: Add 1 tablespoon of flaxseed into the bowl of oatmeal. It looks dense and heavy. Don’t worry about it. It’s going to work out just fine. You can use 2 tablespoons too if you choose to. Your choice.

Flax-in my oatmeal

Flax-in my oatmeal

Step 3: Mix the flaxseeds with the soft oatmeal mixture. It should look like this. This bowl of oatmeal just became healthier! 👍

Post-flaxseed mixture

Post-flaxseed mixture

Step 4: All done! Today’s oatmeal. I used half a banana, pecans, coconut shreds, and sprinkled some pink Celtic sea salt on top. Mmmm! 🤤 This is so perfect!

Banana, Pecans, Coconut Shreds with a dash of Pink Celtic Sea Salt

Banana, Pecans, Coconut Shreds with a dash of Pink Celtic Sea Salt

That’s it! Enjoy! 🍽 It’s really that easy! In addition to adding flaxseed to oatmeal, protein bars, and baked goods, you can also add them to your cereal, protein shakes, and smoothies! What can I say? Be creative. The sky is the limit! Have you used flaxseed before? How about Trader Joe’s Organic Flaxseed Meal? Share your experience with me! I would looveeee to know! ~ *How to eat healthy at Trader Joe’s!*


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