Review: Pacifica Balancing Hemp Makeup Removing Wipes

Pacifica Balancing Hemp Makeup Removing Wipes

I’ve had these facial wipes for a while. Finally getting around to reviewing them. I also had the Moisture Rehab Rose & Coconut Makeup Removing Wipes from Pacifica (not pictured, used them all and tossed them out). The Hemp wipes smell like lavender. I’m not a huge fan of lavender oil. I just don’t like the smell that much. Pacifica products tend to be heavily fragranced. I can only handle their hair care products, since I’m OK with hair products being fragranced. These facial wipes are OK (besides the fragrance). It removes makeup. I didn’t think it cleaned my skin well, since I have oily skin. I can still feel residue on my skin afterwards. This face wipe wasn’t too drying or moisturizing. It didn’t add any benefits to my skin. I haven’t noticed any. I think that’s why I haven’t finished them. It’s taking me forever to finish them too.

So the Moisture Rehab Rose & Coconut is similar to the Hemp (from what I remember), but it’s more hydrating (obviously, lol). These facial wipes weren’t too bad either. It removes makeup. Just like the Hemp, it didn’t leave my skin feeling clean. I really do think they’re just your typical face wipes. The final question is, am I going to buy them again? Probably not. The reason why is because I’m not that into facial wipes. I don’t use them as a facial cleanser. Just to remove my makeup. But, I prefer to use an oil-based cleanser to remove my makeup and follow up with a water-based facial cleanser. If I were stuck in a situation where I didn’t have a proper facial cleanser to wash my face, I’ll go for them, since they are convenient and somewhat remove gunk from my skin. As for day-to-day basic cleansing, I’ll pass.

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