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Trader Joe’s Raw Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Just in time for the fall season, I purchased Trader Joe’s Raw Pumpkin Seeds. This was after I finished Trader Joe’s Raw Pecan Halves. Check out my thoughts on Trader Joe’s Raw Pecan Halves HERE (review) and also HERE (nutrition information). So, why did I choose pumpkin seeds? It’s almost October, and I’m feeling very pumpkiny, hehe! 🎃 Besides nuts, seeds sure do offer a ton of health benefits too. Remember chia seeds and hemp seeds? Read more about them:

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A bag of Trader Joe's Raw Pumpkin Seeds

A bag of Trader Joe’s Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Here’s my 1 lb bag of pumpkin seeds from Trader Joe’s! I’m planning on making fruit and nut bars, protein bars, muffins, bread, cookies, and spreads like hummus/seed butter with it. Also, tossing them into salads and oatmeal. Munching on them when I need a healthy snack. I’m feeling very creative right now. I loooveeeeee it! 😍 Baking season is officially here!

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients: The only ingredient in this bag of pumpkin seeds are Pumpkin Seeds. No sodium added. Looking at the nutrition facts, pumpkin seeds are a great source of plant-based protein! 9 grams of protein for 170 calories. 9 grams may not seem a lot for the amount of calories, but it is for a seed. Keep in mind that pumpkin seeds are a complete protein. That means they contain all essential amino acids for the body. Along with protein, it provides heart healthy fats and fiber!

Trader Joe's Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Trader Joe’s Raw Pumpkin Seeds, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Why eat pumpkin seeds? This is why.

10 Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds:

  1.  Omega-3 fatty acids
  2. High in zinc and magnesium
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. Decreases cholesterol
  5. Prostate health
  6. Relieves insomnia (contains tryptophan)
  7. Good for heart and liver
  8. Good for skin and hair
  9. High in plant-based protein
  10. Promotes bone health

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Raw Pumpkin Seeds before? Share your experience with me!


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Hey everyone! Here’s my brand new bag of hemp seeds. It’s called Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Shelled Hemp Seeds. I love this brand. I’ve used it plenty of times to say that I absolutely adore it! It’s perfect for my daily needs. I add them to my healthy green smoothies all the time. Also, my oatmeal that I make for breakfast. What’s so great about hemp seeds is that it’s packed with nutrition! I’ll show you. Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts right now!

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients: Hemp seeds are high in plant-based protein. Healthy fats to boot. Fiber. A powerhouse of minerals that are super healthy, such as manganese, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, thiamin, iron, and so much more! Just look at the nutrition facts yourself! Hemp seeds are a superfood that everyone should add to their diet! It’s full of nutrients for good health! 😍 Read more about the benefits of hemp seeds right here.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

Hemp seeds vs chia seeds? They’re both good. They’re both unique in their own way. On a day-to-day basis, I use hemp seeds and chia seeds to reap the benefits from each. If you’re trying to figure out how to add hemp seeds and chia seeds to your diet, here’s how. Try adding them to your smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, cereal, and baked goods. Sprinkling them over your salad. I’m pretty much addicted to adding them to my post-workout shake to increase the nutrition of my shake. You won’t have to worry about the taste of either of them because they don’t have any type of flavor to them. It’s mainly texture. I think I’m used to it by now. Love them! I will continue to use them forever! Other interesting healthy foods you may like:

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