Differin 1 Month Results

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Differin Gel
Differin Gel

I’ve used Differin for 1 month now. Here are my results! Before I begin, check out my experience the first 2 weeks on Differin.

Differin Week 1 Results

Differin Week 2 Results

So after 1 month, I wish I could say that I had miraculous results, but that’s not the case. I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin. No irritation, dryness, or peeling. As I said before in my other posts, I apply Differin first before applying my other skin care products. I do wait at least 30 minutes before continuing with my skin care routine. I think Differin 0.1 is too weak for me. I had the exact same experience when I picked it up OTC years ago. Hmm, I’ll stick with it and see what happens. I’ll make an update after the next month (2 month update).

Love, Jen

Differin Week 2 Results

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Differin Gel
Differin Gel

9/25/19, Wednesday Day 8:

I woke up this morning, and I couldn’t believe how nice my skin looked. I can still see clogged pores, but the texture of my skin is soooo smooth! Some of the clogged pores are shrinking. My makeup goes on smoothly. Wow. I’m liking the results!

The reason why I added Bliss Green Tea and Acure Brightening Facial Scrub into my night skin care routine is because Differin wasn’t really helping with ‘active acne’. I have the BP Treatment Gel to spot treat (which I do), but I wanted something that would help with my overall complexion. I don’t want to use BP all over my face. It makes my skin look lifeless and dull.

  1. Bliss Green Tea Wonder Mask Clarifying Overnight Gel Mask with Azelaic Acid – This has helped kill breakouts on the spot. I’ve noticed a reduction in the size of the pimples while leaving my skin looking radiant and even. Because of this, I’ve included Bliss Green Tea in my night skin care routine. A full review on Bliss Green Tea Wonder Mask will be done separately. I want to go into more detail about the product (pros & cons).
  2. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub – I tried this face scrub in place of Bliss. Bliss is gentle, but Acure removed the dry, dead skin off of my face a lot better. It is more aggressive on the skin…but I actually liked it. I might convert back to Acure if it keeps giving me better results.

9/26/19, Thursday Day 9:

My skin improved today. Ever since I’ve introduced Bliss Green Tea Wonder Mask into my night skin care routine, the clogged pores are pushed to the surface rather quickly. The texture of my skin is smoothing out. So is it Differin or Bliss doing the job? Maybe both. I did see my skin peeling when I used Differin without Bliss. But along with Bliss, the process is going by much faster. Bliss contains azelaic acid, which is good for acne-prone folks like myself. Since I don’t want a whole bunch of pimples coming at me all at once, I’m only using it 1-2 times a week. Maybe just once. Read my review on Bliss Green Tea Wonder Mask right here. It is suggested on the container to use it 2-3 times a week. I think once or twice is good enough for me.

9/27/19, Friday Day 10:

Another day, better looking skin. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I can see changes. THEY. ARE. COMING OUT! I know that sounds like a bad thing (breaking out), but it’s bound to happen. The sooner it happens, the better!

9/28/19, Saturday Day 11:

I woke up this morning with a red spot on my cheek. =O It went away by the end of the day. 🙂

I stopped using Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Green and Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB SPF PA++. Click on the links for my review on them.

9/29/19, Sunday Day 12:

As the days go on, the process is the same. Clogged pores showing up and healing. My skin is feeling a lot nicer and smoother the day after the next. This morning, I added a few drops of Organic Jojoba Oil to my morning moisturizer. My skin felt a little dry than usual. It’s probably from the azelaic acid (not Differin). My skin is tolerating Differin pretty well. When I put it on my clean, dry skin, my skin doesn’t feel a burning or stinging sensation. It doesn’t feel dry or irritated. There are no signs of redness or extreme peeling. It sinks into my skin wonderfully. Sometimes I wonder if it’s working at all, lol. People say Differin is a strong retinoid. For me, it’s not. It’s the weakest of the bunch I’ve tried.

I used Dermal Vitamin Collagen Essence Mask today. 🙂 I’m trying to stick to my 2-3 sheet masks a week routine.

9/30/19, Monday Day 13:

I’m starting to question Differin’s efficacy. I’ve been using a new cream with azelaic acid in it, which I will make a separate post on. If you’re wondering, I do wait inbetween applying Differin and other serums/creams/masks. I don’t layer them on back-to-back. With my new cream, my troubled areas (clogged pores) are shrinking while some are pushed to the surface at a faster rate. Hmmm. Interesting. Perhaps Differin isn’t for me, but I’ll stick with it and see what happens. Also, today, I dropped Evalight Brightening Serum 10% Niacinamide from my skin care routine. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I said goodbye to it! 👋 I will post a review on it soon.

10/1/19, Tuesday Day 14:

This is the last day of week 2. When I first picked up Differin as an OTC years ago, I had the same results. No big changes. I know Differin can take months to work. From my past experience with Differin, it took 1-2 months for mild acne. It took 3 months for moderate-severe acne. I just think Differin is too weak for my skin. BUT, I’ll stick it out and continue to use skin care products with azelaic acid along with Differin. Azelaic acid seems to be doing a great job at clearing out my pores. Instead of doing weekly updates, I’ll make an update after a whole month. See you all there! 🙂

Here’s my review on Dermal Hyaluronate Collagen Essence Mask. I used it tonight. =)

Check out Week 1 HERE.

Love, Jen

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