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My Tretinoin Journey: Week 12 Results

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Day 78: It’s a new week. Ugh, my skin feels a little rough from last week’s purge. Trying my best to hold on. It feels kind of crusty. It’s just a lot to deal with emotionally and mentally. All I can do is hope for a better week than last week. Let’s goooo. πŸ™‚

Day 79: I skipped a night of applying moisturizers last night. My skin just became itchy due to too much moisture. Who knew that was going to happen. haha. All I did was apply the medication to my skin, and that’s it. From this experience and prior experiences, using the medication directly on the skin is defiintely much stronger compared to buffering. I can feel the difference within a few days. But, wow, it’s super irritating. I am back to moisturizing my skin tonight. Lots and lots of moisture. I’m going to bathe my skin in hydration tonight. I hope it works out. hahaha.

Day 80: This journey has been going…um…not as expected. So I’m going to use Tret only 2-3 times a week. I’ve noticed that using it directly on the skin is more effective than buffering. It comes with a cost — red, itchy, dry skin. Buffering was good at first, but I soon noticed that the results plateaued. After using Tret directly on my skin, I purged a bit, so I’m better off applying it directly on my skin. As I said, use less of it during the week. Also, I saw a huge difference in clogged pores. They healed faster too. Crusted off, lol.

Day 81: This cycle of my skin clearing up and breaking out again is getting really annoying. From my own experience with retinoids, on my own skin, it’s usually that I breakout in acne then clear up rapidly. And I feel that Tret is not working for me in terms of acne OR the strength is too high. I’m going to say that being on a higher strength would lead to more irritation than results. SO, what I am going to do is bump the dose down. I’ve tried the 0.05 cream before and that was a terrible experience. My skin doesn’t do well with cream formulations (most of the time). I have oily skin that clogs easily. I’ll try the gel formula this time instead! I’ll start using it when I get my hands on the product. In the meantime, I do have another retinoid that I’m going to use in place along with using Tret 2-3 times a week. I’ll have to see how my skin feels about that.

Day 82: So I’m on a different retinoid right now (Taz)….and WOW. No skin irritation, redness, or itchy skin! NO BURNING! This is something I have used before that cleared up my skin. I stopped using it because I ran out and couldn’t get any more. BUT, I’m happy that I’m back on it. So I am currently PURGING from day 1. My skin doesn’t look or feel swollen at all. No dryness. I am using it every night along with moisturizing my skin. I gotta say, it’s working! You know when you can just tell if something is working on your skin? That’s how I’m feeling right now. This could be my main retinoid if it works out. πŸ™‚

Day 83: Day 4 on Taz — I AM PURGING!! So this whole time when I was on Tret, it didn’t even unclog all of my pores! WOW, so much time WASTED!!! I’m a little upset and furious now. 😠 It feels like I’m starting all over. It looks like I’m starting a new journey. It is what it is.

Day 84: Day 5 — I’m still purging!! Skin is looking a lot smoother and prettier! I love it! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ This is exactly what I wanted!! I haven’t experienced peeling, irritation, burning, or anything like that within 5 days of using Taz. I think this is working better for me compared to Tret. SO, I’m beginning a new journey…

Lesson of the week: If you feel that something isn’t working or is off, go with that feeling. Just because a product works for someone, that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. I decided to continue on with Taz, but use Tret 1-2 times a week. Maybe even once a week because I’m seeing results with Taz. So why am I still using Tret? It’s because I have a bunch of leftovers, and it did provide some antiaging benefits. It didn’t do much for the rest of my acne (which was very minor to begin with). I don’t think it should take this long to clear it up. I only have minor-moderate acne. Nothing severe at this point or even to begin with. wth. πŸ˜‘ I do feel like I wasted a lot of time on Tret. πŸ™ BUT, moving on…

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