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Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Vitamins

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Garden of Life myKind Organics Prenatal Vitamins
Garden of Life mykind Organics Prenatal Vitamins

Alright, everyone. Don’t jump to conclusions when you see that I’m going to take prenatal vitamins. Am I pregnant? Hmm. So I have 2 weeks of Garden of Life mykind Organics Women for Health, Energy, and Beauty left. I decided to switch over to prenatal vitamins afterwards. For some reason, I prefer the prenatal vitamins over the ‘regular’ vitamins. I notice that my complexion is brighter, my hair grows faster, nail growth is off the charts + feels much stronger. I see improvements much more quickly. I do have a hair, skin, and nails supplement too. But…it’s not as helpful as I hoped for. It’s good, but I really want to jump back into prenatal vitamins and see what happens. I chopped off my hair months ago, and I regret it instantly even though people liked it. Me, I just prefer long hair. There’s not much I can do with short hair. It’s just not the same. It’s not ME. I hope to achieve longer hair in a few months before my trip. I know a few months won’t be enough time, but all I can do is HOPE. :] I’m so excited for that. I hope all goes well with these vitamins. I will make an update when the time comes.

Have you tried prenatal vitamins before? Share your experience! Would love to know! 😀

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Larabar Cherry Pie

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Review: Larabar Cherry Pie
Review: Larabar Cherry Pie

Another Larabar I’ve had before. It’s the Larabar Cherry Pie! Check out my first review on it here. Keep reading for my new review. Of course, first, about the Larabar Cherry Pie! 🍒

Larabar Cherry Pie:

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Cherries.

Larabar Cherry Pie, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients
Larabar Cherry Pie, Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

My thoughts on the Cherry Pie the first time was that it’s a simple bar with only a few ingredients. In fact, it does contain only three ingredients. As mentioned above, dates, almonds, and cherries. I think that’s pretty straightforward. Once again, the Cherry Pie was sweet. I’m not into overly sweet foods, but this wasn’t bad (once again). I’ve had other people try it out again too, and they didn’t like it, lol. To me, it tastes like a healthy version of a cherry pie but sweeter. I think I would purchase the Cherry Pie again if I wanted something sweet/tart and healthy at the same time. Not too shabby. I like cherries. I would only recommend this flavor to people that love sweet treats.

Have you tried Larabar Cherry Pie before? Share your experience. Leave a comment!

Photos of Larabar Cherry Pie:

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