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Hi there! I’m Jen. Nice to meet you! 😊 Let me begin my story. My blogging adventure started many moons ago due to battling acne for years. During that time, I realized how much I enjoyed sharing my personal experiences with many others with the same struggle. I loved how I could positively impact the lives of others even if it was just a tad bit. I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin and live life to the fullest.

at waikiki beach in hawaii

Besides sharing tips & tricks on skincare and makeup, I have other hobbies that I take pleasure in! I love traveling. One of my favorite desitinations of all-time would be Hawaii. I do plan on returning to the island some time in the near future. Perhaps, make it my home. ❤ Below, that’s me at Manhattan Beach in Southern California.

manhattan beach california

I am a fitness addict and health nut. I love waking up early as the sun rises for a nice morning run. I love creating healthy meals that nourishes the body from the inside out.

shopping for healthy fruits and vegetables
playing the guitar

I play the guitar. Music is a huge part of my life. Music has helped me through so many obstacles in life.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your stay! Follow me on my grand adventures! Photo: Hiking the mountains of Diamond Head in Hawaii. Oh, yes, I love going on hikes and make sure I keep an active lifestyle wherever I go!

diamond head hiking in hawaii

Love, Jen

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