Differin 1 Month Results

Differin Gel
Differin Gel

I’ve used Differin for 1 month now. Here are my results! Before I begin, check out my experience the first 2 weeks on Differin.

Differin Week 1 Results

Differin Week 2 Results

So after 1 month, I wish I could say that I had miraculous results, but that’s not the case. I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin. No irritation, dryness, or peeling. As I said before in my other posts, I apply Differin first before applying my other skin care products. I do wait at least 30 minutes before continuing with my skin care routine. I think Differin 0.1 is too weak for me. I had the exact same experience when I picked it up OTC years ago. Hmm, I’ll stick with it and see what happens. I’ll make an update after the next month (2 month update).

Love, Jen

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