Review: Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB SPF PA++

Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream
Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream

I’m ready to do a review on Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream. I used it every day ever since I purchased it.


Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream
Dr G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream Swatch

This is what this BB Cream looks like under natural lighting. The color is darker for my skin tone. I was really disappointed when I realized this. It makes my skin appear dull and lifeless. =/

Texture: It has the most amazing texture ever! It’s soooo soft, smooth, and silky. Elegant to touch. Lovely to blend into the skin. It literally feels like a dream! Reminds me of a makeup primer due to the silicone feel to it.

Finish: Dewy-finish. It makes the skin look soft and silky. I have oily skin, so using this BB Cream alone didn’t work. I had to use a mattifying powder on top to keep the oilies at bay.

Coverage: Light coverage. Don’t use this if you have a lot of acne marks. It won’t work. I wouldn’t waste time layering on this BB Cream. It’ll get expensive if you do.

Fragrance: Yes. I evetually got used to it. The fragrance fades away when it’s on the skin during the day.

SPF?: SPF 30 PA++ 🙂

Breakouts?: Not as of yet. I hope not because I love the texture of it.

Final Thoughts:

At first, I didn’t like this BB Cream due to the color and the poor coverage, but there were other aspects of the BB Cream that I liked. What I really liked about this BB Cream is the texture of it. It feels very elegant and fills in fine lines/wrinkles very well compared to other foundations/BB Creams. It does have a makeup primer feel to it (as I mentioned earlier). I’ve been applying this BB Cream before I apply my other face makeup products. And, I really like it. It makes my skin look softer and smoother.

I would say that it’s not the best BB Cream for oily skin even though it is advertised to (what it says on the packaging) ‘smooth pore cover BB that perfectly absorbs excessive sebum’. It really doesn’t. My skin appeared more oily with this BB Cream. That is why I use makeup powder to diminish the shine. Also, the color fades (with the minimal coverage it gives, lol). It leaves the skin feeling silky though without the color.

So far, it’s OK. No breakouts from it. The only reason why I will continue to use it is because I’m aiming for a more natural look most days of the week. Something that isn’t cakey. I do like the ingredients in this BB Cream. It contains Centella asiatica Leaf Extract and Niacinamide at the top of the list (first 10 ingredients). Centella asiatica Leaf Extract has antioxidant properties, while Niacinamide can help with uneven skin tone and wrinkles.

Have you used Dr G Perfect Pore Cover before? What’s your favorite BB Cream? Share your thoughts!

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