Review: Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner (Cosmic Black)

Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner Cosmic Black
Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner Cosmic Black

I haven’t purchased a new eyeliner in forever. Once I did, I chose Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner.

About Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Eyeliner:


I’ve used this eyeliner for weeks on and off. Trying to make it work. It didn’t work for me in the end. This mascara does not stay put. It’s not long-lasting. It’s not smudgeproof. The pigment is not high definition. Everything is just so wrong about this liquid eyeliner. It sucks. Why does it even exist????? It doesn’t work!! Every time I apply it, it comes out chunky. It has glitter in it, but I’ve used eyeliners with glitter without this issue. Why didn’t I purchase those eyeliners??? lol. Well, I was looking for a pitch black eyeliner and by accident bought Cosmic Black. I didn’t want glitter. I thought it was a full, pitch black eyeliner. Oops. I decided to give Cosmic Black a shot. Turns out the Cosmic Black is plain terrible. No, I did not expect it to be a full on black liquid eyeliner. Just wanted it to be what it is as described on the package. That was a huge disappointment. Don’t get this eyeliner. It’s not worth it even though it was under 5 dollars.

I would like to mention this because it’s important. I purchased this off of AMAZON. I hardly ever buy makeup off of Amazon for a good reason. This was rather inexpensive, so I had nothing to lose. I was hoping it would work out. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. From now on, I won’t purchase any eyeliner makeup products from Amazon. Who knows how long the product has been sitting in the warehouse??! Or how old it is?? This is just a possibility from my past experiences with Amazon. I don’t think I’m being harsh about this either. Just a heads up that’s all. This eyeliner…it’s going in the trash. It’s so useless and unuseable. ??

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