Pixi skintreats Retinol & Glow Tonic

Pixi skintreats Retinol & Glow Tonic
Pixi skintreats Retinol & Glow Tonic

I picked up Pixi skintreats Retinol & Glow Tonic. I’ve always wanted to try these. They are basically toners. I haven’t used a toner in years. I thought I would give them a try again. Pixi skintreats Glow Tonic is rated highly among users. I wanted to see what the fuss is all about. I posted my skin care routine a few days ago, but I’ll be adding these in — Glow Tonic in the morning and Retinol Tonic at night.

Glow Tonic exfoliates and brightens. Reveals healthy glowing skin. For all skin types. Alcohol free. Dermatologist tested.

Retinol Tonic is a multi-action treatment with time release retinol. Also replenishes skin with potent antioxidants.

I used Retinol Tonic last night and woke up with brighter skin. 🙂 I used Glow Tonic this morning. My skin feels and looks less oily. I’m really excited for these toners!

Love, Jen

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