Review: elf Concealers

Review on elf Concealers
Review on elf Concealers

Here’s a review on elf concealers.

  1. elf HD Lifting Concealer
  2. elf Flawless Color Correcting Pen
  3. elf Color Correcting Stick

Let’s start of with the elf HD Lifting Concealer.

elf HD Lifting Concealer in Fair
elf HD Lifting Concealer

This is my favorite concealer out of the three. It is thick and provides coverage. It’s great underneath the eyes and concealing flaws. It’s great for the price. The only gripe with this concealer is that the color isn’t truly fair. It’s more of a light to medium shade. I think I would purhcase this again due to its consistency, and it does provide good coverage. The product feels very soft and lightweight on the skin.

elf Flawless Color Correcting Pen
elf Flawless Color Correcting Pen

This isn’t a true concealer. It’s a ‘color correcting’ pen. It’s supposed to brighten the skin up. I didn’t see the point to this product. Why not just use a concealer that is actually a concealer. I won’t buy this again. Next!

elf Color Correcting Stick

This is a color correcting stick for dark under eye circles. The shade of this product is orange. The orange color helps to neutralize the bluish tones. This may work for some people, but it didn’t work for me. Maybe it’s because my dark under eye circles are just terrible. I don’t think I would purchase this again. The orange color was very difficult to blend into my skin even with regular concealer on top. It simply didn’t work. If you look at the first photo, the product became loose and fell out. haha.

Have you used any of these products?

Love, Jen

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