Review: Sun Bum Vegan Sunblock

sunbum vegan sunblock
Sun Bum Vegan Sunblock Review

I’m back with a new skin care product! It’s called Sun Bum Face 50 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum. I’ve been looking for a sunblock to protect my skin when I’m outdoors. This was the only one that was vegan, and I’m trying my best to purchase only vegan skin care products. This is what it states on the tube:

I’ve used this sunblock a couple of times. I cautiously monitored my skin, so I can stop immediately if I notice any breakouts. The tube states that it’s ‘breakout-free’. Unfortunately, this sunblock did clog my pores. I noticed my pores filling up with hard sebum. I stopped using this sunblock ASAP. I loved how moisturizing it is. It is lightweight. The product is slightly on the runny side, but it blends in well. Love that it’s fragrance-free. LOVE that it’s vegan. But, I cannot use a skin care product that causes my skin to breakout. I’m back to the drawing board. Since it’s summer, I need a sunblock to protect my skin from the harsh UV rays. Without sunblock, I’ve been avoiding the sun a lot more. Hey, I’m trying to keep my skin looking young and ageless. ? The sun ages the skin tremendously!

Have you tried Sun Bum Face 50 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum before? Share your thoughts in the comments seciton! ?

Love, Jen

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