2 Weeks Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

A brand new bottle of Trader Joe's SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

A brand new bottle of Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

I’ve been using Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil for 2 weeks! I think it’s time for an update on my progress. So, I’ve been using this jojoba oil as a body moisturizer, leave-in hair treatment, and a facial moisturizer. Here’s my experience with each method after 2 weeks of use.

Jojoba Oil as a Body Moisturizer:

Jojoba oil makes an awesome body moisturizer. Unlike olive oil and coconut oil, it sinks into the skin easily and wonderfully. Olive oil and coconut oil leaves a greasy, shiny mess behind. Jojoba oil feels lightweight, non-greasy yet moisturizing at the same time. I love using it as a hand moisturizer the most. It’s because I can’t stand sticky hand moisturizers. Jojoba oil doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind at all. After application and some light rubbing, it vanishes into the skin while leaving the skin less dry. As a body moisturizer, it works! I highly recommend it! Winter is coming up soon. Stock up! I know I am!

Jojoba Oil as a Leave-in Hair Treatment:

I used jojoba oil as a leave-in hair treatment, and I didn’t enjoy it much. It made my hair appear more greasy and flat. It just sat on my hair and left a coat of oil over my hair strands. It was unpleasant and unattractive. It didn’t matter how much I used either. As a leave-in hair treatment, it may work for some, but it didn’t work for me. I stopped using jojoba oil as a leave-in hair treatment because I didn’t like the results. I prefer argan oil as a leave-in hair treatment instead. I’ve been using this product called OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil. I’m totally overdue for a review. ? I’m a huge fan of argan oil in hair care products. They work sooooo well! Jojoba oil as a leave-in hair treatment? I’ll pass. It’s not for me.

Jojoba Oil as a Facial Moisturizer:

Jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer is possibly the best thing that has happened to my skin! I started using jojoba oil on my facial skin at night then increased my use to twice a day (morning and night). I continued to do so. So far, no acne break-outs. The oil has kept my skin soft and moisturized tremendously, especially after using Trader Joe’s Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub. That facial scrub really dries out my skin. Jojoba oil does a great job at preventing dryness from even occurring in the first place! Also, I’ve noticed that jojoba oil has helped push clogged sebum to the surface. It dries up the sebum in the pore. From there, the sebum can easily be extracted. Sounds disgusting, but it’s pretty cool, haha. My experience with jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer has been terrific! I hope my skin keeps improving from here. Let’s hope for the best!

*Bonus* Jojoba Oil as a Makeup Remover:

Here’s a bonus! I’ve been using jojoba oil as a makeup remover too. Before this, I was using olive oil and coconut oil. Olive oil is good but not the best at removing mascara. It doesn’t cause my skin to break-out, which is good. It’s just that, it feels heavily greasy on my facial skin. Coconut oil does a better job at removing mascara, but it is super greasy. I can’t stand it. I mentioned mascara for both oils because that’s my only issue when it comes to removing makeup. Everything else comes off easily besides mascara. Jojoba oil, on the other hand, has been amazzinngggg!! It feels lightweight and non-greasy, and it removes my mascara! I didn’t think it would due to the non-greasy nature of it. Apparently, it did! I applaud jojoba oil for that!

From my 2 weeks experience, jojoba oil works as a body moisturizer, a facial moisturizer, and a makeup remover. For me, it didn’t work as a leave-in hair treatment. Out of all the methods I’ve tried, I’m happy that it’s working as a facial moisturizer. I couldn’t ask for anything more than a natural facial moisturizer in my skin care routine. ? So, that’s how much Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil I have left. When I’m done with this bottle, I’m going to go for an organic jojoba oil instead. I looveeee organic skin care products. In my opinion, they’re much better for you and your skin! Not that 100% Pure Jojoba Oil is bad for you, it’s just a preference. ?

Have you used Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil? Share your thoughts and experience! Try this awesome jojoba oil here. Read more about Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil!

*Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil*

*My First Time: Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Pure Jojoba Oil*

I've used this much of Trader Joe's SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil.

I’ve used this much of Trader Joe’s SPA 100% Pure Jojoba Oil.

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