Review: ArtNaturals Squalane Oil

ArtNaturals Squalane Oil
ArtNaturals Squalane Oil

I’ve always been a fan of squalane oil. A lot of my skin care products contain this ingredient, but I wanted to a serum with only squalane as the ingredient. I picked up ArtNaturals (new brand to me) Squalane Oil to try out. More about it below…

About ArtNaturals Squalane Oil:


I was so excited for this oil to heal my dry skin. When I dispensed a couple of drops of oil into my palm. The oil didn’t feel oily, but a little more watery than I expected. This oil didn’t have smell to it. So I used it for a couple of weeks hoping that it would do something for my skin. Sadly, it didn’t. It didn’t hydrate my skin like it’s supposed to. I was very disappointed. Maybe it’s because it feels diluted? Because I purchased another squalane oil product after this. And that oil feels more oily than watery (more about this soon!!). I eventually stopped using this squalane oil on my skin and moved on to something new. As mentioned, I’m using a different squalane oil now. My experience with ArtNaturals Squalane Oil wasn’t that great. It’s supposed to be squalane oil, but…I’m just really disappointed in the outcome. A review on my other squalane oil coming up next! I wouldn’t recommend this particular brand. Skip it.

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