Review: Jason Thicken & Restore Biotin Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo

Jason Thicken & Restore Biotin Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review on a shampoo. The last one was a few months ago. Check it out here: Jason Tea Tree Normalizing Shampoo. I finally finished my current shampoo, which is Jason Thicken & Restore Biotin Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo. It took me a few months to finish the whole bottle. So the purpose of this shampoo is to gently cleanse while strengthening damaged hair. Less breakage, fuller-looking hair, repairs split ends, and is biodegradable. The product is infused with biotin, pro-vitamin b5, and hyaluronic acid. It’s paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalates-free, petrolatum-free, no artificial colors, and cruelty-free. Here are my results on this shampoo!

This shampoo cleansed my scalp and hair pretty well. It left it feeling clean, not dry. It foams up really nicely while being gentle on the hair. Love that it contains hyaluronic acid, biotin, shea butter, avocado oil, and aloe. These ingredients help maintain healthy hair by leaving the hair feeling moisturized and soft. So did it strengthen the hair? It’s gentle and moisturizes the hair. I didn’t think it made my hair stronger or strengthen it. I did have less breakage while using it but make sure to couple it with a moisturizing conditioner to boost the moisture levels in the hair. I don’t think it was this shampoo alone that helped prevent hair breakage. It was a combination of this shampoo and a good moisturizing conditioner that I used. Did it make my hair fuller or repair split ends? It didn’t make my hair fuller or volumize my hair. I was hoping that it would. With this shampoo, it made my hair appear a bit flat, but it wasn’t too bad for me to dislike the product. I do love the fact that it is gentle and is hydrating. It doesn’t leave my scalp or hair feeling dry. And I can’t tell if it helped with split-ends. I think if you’re dealing with really bad split ends that it’s time for a trim. But this shampoo does help smooth out the hair due to how gentle and moisturizing it is. Overall, I’m happy that this shampoo didn’t turn out to be a dud. It’s not too bad, but it’s not amazing. Compared to the last shampoo I used (Jason Tea Tree Normalizing Shampoo), I liked Jason Thicken & Restore Biotin Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo much better.

This bottle of shampoo is only 16 oz. I wish it came in a larger bottle. I’m getting really tired of these itty bitty shampoo bottles, especially the ones under 10-16 oz. that only last for a few months. Maybe it’s time to search for a bigger shampoo bottle that’ll last much longer. I don’t want to spend that much on my hair when it’s unnecessary to do so. My hair isn’t too picky unless the product makes my hair fall out, dry it out, or do something that’s unthinkable.

Here are the pros and cons of this shampoo…

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

This isn’t a bad shampoo. It’s OK. It just didn’t stand out that much. I’m not amazed by it or anything like that. I wish it would give my hair more volume. haha. It’s a good gentle, moisturizing shampoo if that’s what you’re searching for. It doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils but leaves it feeling nice and clean. Overall, it’s not too bad. It’s better compared to the other shampoos I’ve used this year. Not sure if I’ll try it again since I want a shampoo that is larger than 16 oz. and lasts much longer than a few months. I think I’m going to try out other shampoos first before going back to this one…if it happens…

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Review: Avalon Organics Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner

Avalon Organics Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner
Avalon Organics Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner

I’m not done with this shampoo and conditioner (almost done) yet, but I can do a review on it right now. I have a grasp on what I think about these hair care products. So, I mentioned in my last post that I used them before. I can see why I stopped using them after this experience. They made my hair feel and look thicker, but it comes with a price. The shampoo doesn’t do a good job at cleaning the hair or scalp. The shampoo didn’t lather up well. It made it difficult to clean my hair. The conditioner was not moisturizing. I had to use a backup conditioner to moisturize my hair. The Avalon Organics Biotin Conditioner made it hard to comb through my hair. Honestly, I will not purchase them again after I’m done with them. After this experience, I think I’m truly done with them, lol. I will not give them another chance. They’re not for my hair type. I need something that cleans my hair and moisturizes it. I think most (or all?) people want that. This didn’t do it for me. Next!

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Hair Care Products


I ran out of shampoo, but I have lots of conditioner. It’s the hair conditioner from Mane ‘n Tail that’s left. I hate that stuff. It leaves my hair gross feeling and nasty. I have a huge bottle of that stuff that’s sitting around. I’m trying to use it all, but it’s been very difficult. It just doesn’t work for my hair type and condition. I always end up with flat, frizzy hair when I use it. Bleh.

So I have new hair care products. I’ve used these before YEARS ago. I thought I would give them another shot. They are…

They both are vegan and cruelty-free. My hair feels very thick right now from eating healthy. I can’t believe how fast my hair is growing! I miss my long hair soooo much! Once it grows out, I will never cut it THAT short ever again. I’m really excited to use my new hair care products tonight. It’s time to refresh my hair. It’s been feeling dull.

Benefits off the label (shampoo):

Benefits off the label (conditioner):

A review coming up soon!

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Review: Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo


Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo

Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo

It’s time for a review on Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo! I’ve used it for over 1 week already! Let’s review the benefits of using this product, as stated on the spray bottle.

Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo:

On the first day of purchase, I thought Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo was amazing. The smell was nice. It wasn’t overwhelming. It left my hair feeling full and fresh. Added some volume in there too. As I started to use this dry shampoo on a daily basis when my hair felt oily at the scalp, it didn’t work out. I noticed that my hair started to fall out a little bit more. It was breaking off. I think the alcohol content is way too much for my hair to handle. I can use it once in a while, but not every single day. Once I stopped using it every day, my hair stopped breaking off. Whew! That really frightened me. As a dry shampoo to use once in a blue moon when I need a little pick me up, it works. I like the smell. It leaves my hair feeling clean, but I don’t know if I’ll repurchase the exact same one again. I will probably try out other brands and scents to see what works best for my hair type. Everyone is different. What may work for one person, may not work for another. So, that’s what I think about Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo!

Photos of Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo:

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Have you used Hask Biotin Boost Thickening Dry Shampoo or any other dry shampoos? Any good ones that you liked? Share your thoughts and recommendations!! Have a nice day! 🙂

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