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Update on Cos De BAHA Serums

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Cos De Facial Serums
Cos De Facial Serums

Here’s an update on Cos De BAHA Serums. I decided to drop some serums out of my skin care routine.

The first two are…

The tried adding these serums into my skin care routine the week before. It didn’t work out. I ended up with fresh, new pimples out of the blue. I’m not feeling it. I don’t know if it’s an initial breakout or if my skin just broke out just because. I don’t want to deal with new breakouts when my skin is 100% clear. It’s not something I want to see right now or ever again. Something deep down inside of me is telling me that these two serums are not compatible with my skin type. It’s time to let them go. I don’t see myself reaching for them again in the near future.

The other skin serum is…

I’m almost out of this serum. I thought, I will not purchase it again. It’s because my other serums contain the ingredient Niacinamide too. I don’t know the concentration of the Niacinamide, but I haven’t noticed big changes in my skin with the Niacinamide 10 Serum alone, so I decided not to keep it in my skin care routine once I’m done with it. We will see if my skin will become dull or not without it…

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Review: Quest Protein Cookies (Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Chip)

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Quest Cookies
Quest Cookies – Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Chip

I was craving cookies. 😂 Well, I wanted to at least have some cookies that are on the healthier side than actually eat a cookie filled with lots of sugar. Here I have Quest Protein Cookies in Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Chip. I’ve never had these before. Here’s my review on them after getting to try them out! Let’s start off with the Peanut Butter flavor!

Quest Protein Cookie Peanut Butter:

Review on Peanut Butter:

I like the peanut butter flavor of this cookie. It does make me feel like I’m eating a real treat when I take a bite of it. But, there is a weird aftertaste to it that I didn’t enjoy. It’s still tolerable though due to the peanut butter flavor that overpowers it. So far, this is the only quest ‘protein product’ that I’m OK with. Would I buy it again? Maybe. Maybe not. I would have to think about it. It’s not too bad, to be honest.

Quest Protein Cookie Double Chocolate Chip:

Review on Double Chocolate Chip:

I thought I would like this flavor a lot more compared to the Peanut Butter, but I didn’t. The chocolate chips were good. I liked that part of the cookie. I just didn’t enjoy the taste of the cookie overall. It’s taking me a while to finish these cookies. I will though, lol. And they too had a weird aftertaste to them. The double chocolate chip flavor couldn’t cover up the odd aftertaste. Yuck. I wouldn’t purchase the Double Chocolate Chip flavor again. I’ll pass. I have an obsession with chocolate too, so this was a total bummer. 🙁

That’s my take on Quest Protein Cookies. Were they the best? No, not really. I still prefer vegan protein cookies. 🙂

OK to the Peanut Butter. NO to the Double Chocolate Chip. By the way, these cookies are really good at keeping me full. They’re pretty satisfying.

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