Review: Elf Camo CC Cream

Elf Camo CC Cream

I’ve been searching for a new foundation that’s similar to a CC cream or BB cream. I prefer those varieties of makeup instead of traditional foundation. So I stumbled upon Elf Camo CC Cream. I’ve used another Elf foundation before, plus some other face products from Elf. They weren’t too bad. I didn’t stick to them because I wasn’t too impressed. They were OK for the price. Here’s more about the Elf Camo CC Cream!

I was super excited when I first got my hands on this CC cream. I really needed a new foundation. Yay, finally trying out a new one! Here’s my experience with it…

I picked up shade Fair 150 C (fair with cool undertones). I was aiming for another shade, but this one was on sale. That’s what I ended up with. The color of the CC cream was decent. It worked on my skin just fine. I tend to lean towards warm/neutral, but the cool undertones weren’t too bad. The texture of the CC cream didn’t feel like a CC cream or BB cream at all, in my opinion. It felt somewhere between a CC/BB cream and traditional foundation. The texture wasn’t silky like I thought it would be. I was hoping for a softer, silkier feel to the product. But I continued to use it anyways.

It was pretty simple to blend the CC cream into my skin. I have oily skin, and my sunscreen is super moisturizing too. I didn’t have any issues applying this product. It blended seamlessly into my skin without any problems. The first application using this product was very nice. It worked out great. For reapplication, it was easy to use due to the pump bottle. I could dispense some product out of the tube effortlessly. It’s non-messy and easy to apply. The coverage was nice too. It was exactly what it’s supposed to be. It’s medium-full coverage. But…

Something happened when using the Elf Camo CC Cream. I didn’t expect this to happen since it was working perfectly fine. Well, my skin started to burn. I developed a rash around my eye area. The skin around my eyes became super swollen, and my eyelids became extremely itchy. I stopped using the product immediately. Once my skin healed, I didn’t bother trying the product out again. I chucked it quick. Ugh, I thought I found a good product, but it did more damage than good. Now off to find a new CC or BB cream that doesn’t give me a weird reaction like the Elf Camo CC Cream did. Whatever is in this product, my skin didn’t like it.

On to the next… 😓

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