Review: Peach C Peach Cotton Blusher (Peony P Cheek)

Peach C Peach Cotton Blusher

I’ve had this blush for quite some time. It’s Peach C Peach Cotton Blusher in Peony P Cheek. I’m not a huge makeup person. I only have the essentials. And some eyeshadows. I just don’t like collecting makeup. I prefer skin care. If you haven’t noticed, most of my posts are on skin care with a little bit of makeup here and there. Maybe that’ll change soon in the future. We’ll see, lol. I just think it’s more important to take care of your skin first before wearing makeup. I don’t see the point of makeup if the skin underneath the makeup isn’t in good shape or healthy. But that’s just me. So let’s get into this makeup blush that I have. What are the benefits of this blush? It’s a cheek blusher for a lovely makeup finish. Adds color on the cheeks. It’s long-lasting and has a vivid gorgeous finish. High temperature factor. I guess that means the blush should stay on the skin throughout harsh temperatures with less smudging. That’s my take on it. Well! Here’s my experience with this blush. Finally! I hope everyone enjoys this review! 🙂

The color I chose was Peony P Cheek. It’s a soft peach color. I haven’t tried this brand or color before, so I just chose one that I could possibly like. The texture of the blush is soft, fine, and smooth, which I really like. I didn’t have any issues using the product, applying the blush to my skin. It seems to help tame my oily skin since it gives off a matte finish. I didn’t break out from it either. Yay! But there’s one thing I didn’t like about this product. The color is very subtle on the skin. It didn’t look like I have any color on my face. I thought it would be more pigmented just by touch the blush with my finger tips. The effect just wasn’t the same when I dust the blush onto my cheeks. The color payoff was just bad. So, I didn’t use this blush much often due to that fact. I like my blushes to give my face some color. Who doesn’t? Isn’t that the point of applying blush? lol. Overall, I like the texture, the color (just by looking at the compact), how it didn’t break me out, but the color was too light, subtle on my face. I need something more. And I’ve used less expensive blushes that gave me more color than this. I’m not impressed. Moving on…

Here’s the blush. It looks so pretty. 😍

Peach C Peach Cotton Blusher

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

This blush is so cute, but it didn’t deliver in terms of color. It didn’t last on the skin either. I have other blushes from other brands that are cheaper than this and work pretty well (for how much it is). This brand is affordable compared to high end brands, but it just wasn’t worth it. I won’t purchase again. I feel like I just wasted my money.

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