Review: The INKEY Retinol Eye Cream

The INKEY List Retinol Eye Cream

Here I have The INKEY Retinol Eye Cream! I’m so close to finishing up my second tube of this eye cream! Thought I would shed some light on this eye cream RIGHT NOW! So this is a lightweight, rich eye cream that contains retinol. It helps to promote skin renewal. Enhances collagen production. Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s best for the first signs of aging. Formulated for all skin types. Doesn’t contain fragrance and is cruelty-free. Now here’s my experience with this eye cream! Did it work for aging, fine lines, wrinkles? Read on to find out! I’m excited to share my results with everyone! 🙂

This eye cream is a cream (what it is, lol). It comes in a 0.5 oz. tube (15 mL). It’s a tiny eye cream tube. The instructions says to use it in the PM. Apply a small amount onto finger and gently pat it around the contour of the eye. Follow with a moisturizer. That’s what I did. When applied to the skin, it feels lightweight, soft, and gentle on the skin. The eye cream absorbs into the skin perfectly well without any issues. Just gently pat the product into the skin around the eyes and let it absorb into the skin. This retinol eye cream didn’t irritate my skin at all. It’s not the most moisturizing eye cream, but it doesn’t dry the skin out. The instructions does say to follow with a moisturizer. So this isn’t the only eye cream I use. I have other eye creams that are more moisturizing, and I make sure to moisturize my eye area/face with another moisturizer that provides adequate amount of moisture to my eye area and face. Dry skin around the eyes is a big no-no. It makes the eye area look aged and wrinkly. Make sure to moisturize properly!

As for the results, I can’t tell if the eye cream has done anything for my under eyes. Fine lines? Wrinkles? Dark under eye circles??? I can’t tell at all. It feels like any other eye cream that I have used, except it contains retinol. I like the idea of this product. Retinol is an awesome anti-aging ingredient. It’s supposed to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin aging, but I’m on the fence with this product. Results? Meh. The price for the eye cream is affordable though. It’s only 10 dollars, and it seems to last forever, since it’s only used at night. I might just keep it around for preventative measures. Maybe that’s what it is, lol. Just for prevention. And I didn’t have a negative experience with this eye cream besides not seeing results. I just can’t tell if it’s doing anything. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Hmmmm! Who knows!

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

I’ve gone through two tubes of this eye cream (almost done with the second one), and I honestly can’t tell if it has done anything for fine lines, wrinkles, skin aging, dark under eye circles. As I said before, the idea of the eye cream is nice because it contains retinol. And retinol is known to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. So, I really don’t know what to think of this product. Should I keep it in my routine or remove it? I’ll figure it out soon enough. But I’m pretty neutral about it right now.

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