Review: I’m From Mugwort Mask

I'm from Mugwort Mask

I’m on to a new face mask! I have I’m From Mugwort Mask! This face mask is enriched with mugwort and botanical extracts to refine the skin. Mugwort extract helps to cool down heated skin and gives relief to irritated skin. It purifies the skin, combats environmental stressors, and stimulates collagen production. It helps to delay the signs of aging and plump up the skin for a more youthful complexion. This face mask is cruelty-free. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors, paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, mineral-oil free, no essential oils and silicone. That’s awesome! I hope it lives up to its claims. Did it? Well, let’s find out! Here’s my experience with I’m From Mugwort Mask!

This face mask is a soft gel. It has pieces of mugwort within the mask (see photo below). Tiny little pieces here, larger chunks there. They’re not abrasive or harmful to the skin. Very gentle and doesn’t provide much exfoliation. Well, I haven’t noticed any exfoliating effects. They’re just in the mask. So this face mask has a strong earthy herb smell to it. It’s not my favorite smell in the world, but it’s not too bad. I got used to it after a couple of uses. I can deal with it. The product glides over the skin nicely and smoothly. It sticks to the skin well. It doesn’t drip from the face, so it’s not runny. I can get some chores done with this mask on without it making a mess. The mask feels gentle and soothing on the skin while deeply moisturizing the skin at the same time. That’s perfect!

So the suggested time to leave the mask on is 10-15 minutes. Since my skin needed a ton of moisture (as much as I can get), I left it on for the whole 15 minutes. The mask felt soothing and moisturizing when I had it on, but it also left my skin feeling softer, smoother, and really moisturized when I removed it. It rinsed off clean without leaving any sticky residue behind. I’m really impressed. This mask is very nourishing and moisturizing. The quality of the product is very good. Much better than what I’ve experienced with other moisturizing masks. This mask actually does leave my skin feeling hydrated. Exactly what I wanted and expected from a moisturizing face mask! I can’t tell if it has helped with signs of aging or plumping up the skin, but it does a wonderful job at moisturizing the skin without irritating it. That could help with signs of aging with long term use.

This is what the face mask looks like. It’s brown with pieces of mugwort.

I'm from Mugwort Mask

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

I’m From Mugwort Mask is a very moisturizing mask. It works to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Great for dry skin days. But I don’t have dry skin that often unless it’s from something else I’m using like acne treatments. Also, it’s pretty spendy for a face mask that only temporarily moisturizes the skin. I would much prefer use a facial moisturizer that’ll provide moisture to the skin throughout the day than a face mask. The reason why I don’t use face masks that often. They only provide temporary relief. It doesn’t fix the problem. So! In saying that, I think it’s a good moisturizing mask if you have dry skin, but I don’t feel the need to purchase the full-size product. It was nice to try out.

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