My Update on Benton Fermentation Essence. Did It Clog My Pores??

Benton Fermentation Essence

Here’s my update on Benton Fermentation Essence! I did a post on my first night experience using this essence right here. 👈🏻 Gogogogo!! So my experience and results with this essence went well the first night of using it. You can read more about it in the link provided. Now on to what happened to my skin tonight. Did the essence work on my skin? Did my skin break out from it like before? What actually happened?? Hmmm! I was really curious about the outcome myself too and terrified at the same time. Gosh, I really don’t want to go through a breakout right now or ever! Definitely not like the one I did last time with this product! So, everyone, wish me luck!

When I was washing my face tonight, I looked at my skin and didn’t notice any new breakouts like what happened before with this essence. I was so happy and shocked! I didn’t see any new blackheads appear. My pores weren’t filled with sebum. Whiteheads?? Nope! Cystic acne? Nope! My skin didn’t look dull, but it didn’t look brighter. Nothing changed much about my skin. I mean, it feels moisturized, but it has been feeling hydrated and moisturized without this essence. I think it’s because I already have some good moisturizing moisturizers in my routine. So I’ve only used the essence twice. I know that’s not enough time to see if something works or not, but I broke out from this essence terribly after using it twice the last time I used it. I think my results this time is very interesting so far! And I’m really happy that I didn’t get any breakouts from it. VERY HAPPY! 🥳

After not getting clogged pores from this essence, it looks like I’m going to keep the essence in my routine and see what happens next. Maybe within a few more days or a week things might take a turn. I might see improvements in my skin (or not 😭). Hopefully everything will be ok and move in the positive direction. I really hope this product works because I really like the ingredients in it and how it makes my skin feel. I enjoy using the product too. It would be amazing if I’m able to use it without getting clogged pores. hehe! All I can do now is just hope. We’ll see how my skin responds to it. Stick around for an update on my experience with Benton Fermentation Essence!

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