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Am I still using Rosehip Oil? (update)

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Aria Starr Rosehip Oil
Aria Starr Rosehip Oil

My last update on rosehip oil was 2 months ago. During that time, I stopped using the oil on my skin. Ever since I stopped using it, I couldn’t tell a difference between having it in my skin care routine or not. No difference. From this experience, I wish rosehip oil worked for me, but it didn’t. This is another one of those things where it doesn’t work for everyone. Honestly, rosehip oil didn’t do anything for my skin as I hoped. For the rest of the product, I’ll have to use it on my body. lol. Does anyone else do that? Use products that don’t work on their face on their body? haha. Well, I do. Would I recommend rosehip oil? You can try it out, but for me it just didn’t work. My skin doesn’t do well with oils anyways. Oh well.

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Review: Pacifica Cherry Velvet Matte Translucent Setting Powder

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Pacifica Cherry Velvet Matte Translucent Setting Powder
Pacifica Cherry Velvet Matte Translucent Setting Powder

Here’s a review on Pacifica Cherry Velvet Matte Translucent Setting Powder! This is one of the many powders that I have. I’ll do reviews on the rest of my powders in the near future! Let’s focus on this one! More about it below! And on to my review on the product! =)

About Pacifica Cherry Velvet Matte Translucent Setting Powder:


This setting powder is a white powder. It’s not flesh-colored. Don’t worry, it doesn’t leave the skin white. It is a translucent powder as the name states. That’s exactly what it is. It is a colorless powder that blends and vanishes into the skin. Keep in mind that my skin is light. I’m not sure how this would work on someone with darker skin. I’m just speaking from my own experience. 🙂 So this powder is fine and soft. It feels very silky, velvety on the skin. It leaves the skin matte. It truly does. It helps to control the oilies on my skin. If you have dry or flaky skin, I wouldn’t recommend this powder. When I had dry and flaky skin (from acne treatments), it left my skin a terrible mess. But when my skin was combination-oily, it did a great job at minimizing the oilies. If you have acne, don’t even bother. It makes acne look worse. For those reasons, I have a love-hate relationship with this setting powder. I actually stopped using it for a while when my skin was dry. It did nothing but dry it out more. It also accentuated my pores and wrinkles. 😐 Since I’m back to using it (and my skin isn’t too dry), it’s not a bad product. BUT, there’s a but, I prefer powders with color. I don’t see the point of using a translucent powder when I can get all the same benefits from a powder that gives my skin some color including some extra coverage. Another thing, this powder is fragranced. Obviously, because this is a Pacifica product. It smells like cherries. It smells pretty good. Once the powder is applied to the skin, the smell doesn’t linger on. I don’t smell it anymore. It’s only when I open the product + when I’m applying it to my skin. Some people might like the fragrance. Me, I can do with or without it. Fragrance free would be better. If you have oily skin, this is a good option. Still, I didn’t think it was that great to buy it again. I have other powders that control oil and give my skin some color, even out the complexion. From this experience, I most likely won’t buy it again.

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