Review: The Ordinary Products (What I’m Trying to Finish)

The Ordinary Skin Care Products

Here’s a list of The Ordinary skin care products I’m trying to finish. I’ve been trying to use them every night. I couldn’t use most of them during the day. The texture of most of these serums are too thick, heavy, and greasy on my skin. I started to get itchy from them too due to the oiliness of the serums. But I’ve been trying to purge these products from my life. But since I’ve been using them consistently, what are my thoughts on them now? Are they any good? Will I try them out again or just drop them from my routine? Keep reading to find out!

The Ordinary Pycnogenol 5%:

The Ordinary Pycnogenol 5%

I remember when I first purchased this serum. I thought it would work well with my other antioxidants. The product advertised itself to recycle oxidized vitamin c. It’s supposed to help hydrate the skin and improve skin elasticity. Also, scavenge free radicals and so much more. When I was using vitamin c serums, my face was darker than the rest of my body. My facial skin was literally a pumpkin. 🎃 Who knows if the pycnogenol serum did anything to help recycle oxidized vitamin c. The overall formulation of this product is moisturizing, but it’s more on the greasy, heavy side. It didn’t help to rejuvenate my skin or improve skin elasticity. I didn’t notice any changes in my skin. Why did I purchase this again? lol. The bottle of the serum is tiny. It comes in a 0.5 fl. oz (50 mL) glass dropper bottle. It’s cute and all, but it’s not worth it for me. It did nothing for my skin. I’ve been using more than one drop (more than I usually use) to finish it up. Still, it’s taking forever to finish it. It lasts forever. I guess that’s a good thing if you’re interested in this product. I’m on my last bottle and can’t wait to be done with it!

Hylamide Booster Glow:

Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster

Before I begin, this product is a self-tanning serum. It contains a raspberry derived alternative instead of self-tanning ingredient DHA to build pigment in the skin. The purpose of this product is to give the skin some radiance, golden glow after 2-3 days of use. I made a mistake of purchasing this product thinking that it would help fade some acne marks and skin discolorations. It’s a self-tanning product, not a product to help fade acne marks or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The last time I used a self-tanning product was when I was a teenager. That was when it was all about having that bronze, glowing tanned skin for me. Since I’ve only used self-tanning products to get a tan, I think I saved my skin from UV damage over the years. Looking back, I’m pretty happy with most of my skin care decisions. haha. I said most, lol.

When I first opened this product, it smelled so bad. I almost vomited. The smell of the product just gives me headaches as I continued to use it. The smell lingers on the skin too. I haven’t used this on my face in months due to it having an awful smell. But also, I didn’t really like the results. The times I used it on my face, I took a few drops and pat the serum into my skin, twice a day. After a few days, I noticed some color in my skin. It really does add some pigment into the skin. Unfortunately, it made my skin extremely yellow (just like the color of the serum). I was expecting a more natural, less-yellowish hue to my skin. More like a light tan, bronze shade that I got from my past tanning products. I didn’t get those results from this product. I stopped using it. It takes some time for the color to fade, so my skin was just bright yellow for a while. I don’t remember how long it lasted, but I could clearly recall how yellow my face was. I’ve always liked the smell of tanning products but this one just stinks. 🤢

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane:

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

I used to love squalane in products when I first started off with skin care. I was able to use them without clogging my pores. But it seems like pure 100% squalane does a number on my skin. The oil sits on top of my skin and doesn’t absorb as quickly. The product claims that this serum is a fast-absorbing oil-like serum. No, it didn’t absorb fast. It felt heavy and greasy on my skin. It saturates the top layer of my skin and just sits there. It just makes my skin appear more oily. It doesn’t hydrate or moisturize my skin either. Maybe oils are just not for me. This squalane oil serum didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the way it felt on my skin. I’ve been using it on my feet to get rid of it, lol. I can’t use it on my upper body. It sticks to everythinga and (once again) it doesn’t sink into the skin properly.

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5:

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5

One of The Ordinary products that feels like water. 💧 The purpose of this serum is to add hydration to the skin. The key ingredients are Betaine, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, and PCA. It also contains other amino acids, to name a few, Valine, Proline, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, and Threonine. The product is called ‘Amino Acids’ for a reason. It contains a bunch of amino acids in it. B5 or panthenol is a b vitamin. Panthenol is an ingredient that soothes, moisturizes, and strengthens the skin. I love skin care products with this ingredient. It’s non-irritating and leaves my skin in good condition. But, this serum didn’t live up to my expectations. As I mentioned, the serum feels like I’m applying water to my skin. It didn’t leave my skin feeling hydrated at all. I tried applying it once (didn’t hydrate my skin well) and applying layers of the product to my skin (no hydration or extra hydration, just wasted product). Honestly, I didn’t think this serum did anything special for my skin including something as basic as hydration. It absorbs into the skin quick, but I didn’t see any noticeable improvements in my skin. This serum was a waste of time and money. On my skin, at least.

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane:

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

The purpose of this retinol product is to help with uneven skin tone, texture irregularities, signs of aging, and dryness. Bingo. That’s what retinol does for the skin. For me, even though this is advertised as high-strength retinol, I thought it was too gentle on my skin. I wasn’t able to use it for too long due to the other ingredients being incompatible with my skin type. I thought the texture and consistency of the serum was too oily. The first ingredient in this product is squalane. And I know that squalane won’t work on my skin if it’s the first ingredient or base of the serum. It also contains jojoba seed oil and tomato fruit extract. I wish the ingredients were even shorter for my acne-prone skin. This serum ended up breaking me out (not a purge). It clogged my pores, and my skin never improved using it due to the breakouts. I don’t think this is a terrible product. If your skin can handle the other ingredients besides retinol in this product, it could work for you. My skin didn’t like the overall formulation of this retinol product. So, as you can see, I’ve been using it on my body instead.

The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% Ferulic Acid 3%:

The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% Ferulic Acid 3%

So the purpose of this serum is to help with dullness and target the signs of aging. I’m a fan of resveratrol and ferulic acid. And I was madly in love with this antioxidant serum for a while. I kept trying it over and over again. I even tried it on my face again not so long ago. I was hoping that it would work on my skin because it’s an affordable serum and contains resveratrol and ferulic acid. Nope, too bad, my skin rejected this serum. I started breaking out in acne out of nowhere. I didn’t have to use this serum for too long to develop breakouts. I think I’m finally over this serum. I don’t have the urge to use it on my facial skin anymore, lol. I love the active ingredients in it, but the overall formulation of the product is too heavy and greasy for my oily skin. It makes my skin even more greasy and shiny. So I’m glad I have finally detached myself from using it ever again (on my face). I thought about purchasing it for the skin on my body (haha!), but I can’t seem to get over how greasy it is. It’s official. I’m over it. It’s time to move on.

The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% Alpha Arbutin 2%:

The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% Alpha Arbutin 2%

Another product that I kept on going back to like the Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid is the Ascorbic Acid & Alpha Arbutin. The purpose of this serum is to even out the skin tone, combat signs of aging and dullness, and it’s also an antioxidant (woohoo vitamin c!!). I was in deep denial when I was using this serum (not the first time, lol). With this serum, I didn’t notice much brightening in my skin. I didn’t notice fading of acne marks or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation either. My skin actually turned orange. It made my face darker than the rest of my body. I just kept using it because it was affordable and contains vitamin c plus alpha arbutin. I didn’t think it was worth using anymore due to poor results. But also, the serum has a greasy, heavy feel to it (like a bunch of other The Ordinary skin care products). I was using it in combination with the Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid serum, and it was a huge disappointment. I can’t believe I stuck with it for years! This serum isn’t coming back to my routine. Once I’m done with it, it’s done.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA:

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

I really love lactic acid. It’s one of my favorite aha products. It’s gentle, works to exfoliate the skin, leaves the skin looking glowy and smooth. It’s just amazing. I’ll choose it over glycolic acid any day. It simply works better on my skin with less irritation. So this lactic acid serum is a high-strength exfoliator that works to reveal smoother skin. It’s for uneven skin tone, texture irregularities, and skin dullness. All I needed was a few drops for the whole face, pat it into the skin, and that’s it! It absorbs pretty fast into the skin without leaving any sticky residue and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. It’s not like the other The Ordinary serums that I’ve talked about. This one is lightweight and feels decent after application. I’ve used this product on and off over the years. The first time I used it was a mess. My skin was just terrible and nothing was working. Not even this lactic acid serum alone. I stopped using it for a while. I started using it again, and it seemed like it worked better on my skin this time around! I was shocked and excited at the same time. My skin was actually peeling like it’s supposed to when using a chemical exfoliator. Keep in mind that this is the 10% formula. It’s much stronger. If you’re not experienced with lactic acid, The Ordinary has the 5% formula. I haven’t tried the 5% yet. I’ve only used the 10%. I stopped using this product because I went on to use other products to treat my acne like salicylic acid. They seem to work better for my acne than lactic acid. So, in saying that, I would definitely give this serum a try again if it comes to it. That’s if my other acne products stop working. I’m currently using this product up right now because I don’t want to let it expire. It’ll be a waste.

The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10%:

The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10

This product is advertised as a ‘non-injective’ solution for dynamic lines. It’s supposed to treat crow’s feet and signs of aging. Some say it’s ‘botox in a bottle’. The star ingredient in this product is Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. I don’t have major dynamic wrinkles, but the product did claim that it’ll help with signs of aging. I have some signs of aging that I could tackle or at least prevent. The serum is a watery liquid and very easy to use. It absorbs into the skin fast and leaves the skin feeling like there’s nothing on the skin. It felt like I was applying water to my skin. As for the results, I didn’t like what it did to my skin. I noticed my skin started to look droopy and saggy. Like, what, what’s going on? I stopped using it immediately, but that was after going through a more than a few bottles. ha! *sigh* My skin bounced back to what it was before using the product. Thank goodness! While using this serum, I would like to mention that my skin didn’t freeze or feel motionless. From my experience with this product, I won’t purchase again. Honestly, I don’t care much about it anymore. Just trying to finish up what I have now (not on my face).

The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA:

The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

With The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10%, I used the Matrixyl 10%. The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA is a skin-firming serum that targets fine lines and signs of aging. This product contains peptides, such as Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38. I’ve gone through several bottles of this serum too. I’m not sure if it did anything for my skin. In my mind, I was hoping that it did and will. 😁 It’s an affordable product that contains peptides. I stopped using this product on my face. My skin doesn’t like the texture of the serum. It’s a gel that blends into the skin well, but it seems to dry out my facial skin and irritates it to no end. After quitting this serum for months, maybe I should try it again? lol. Not on my face but the skin around my eyes. I have some fine lines that I want to get rid of or at least diminish. Hopefully it’ll help with the ‘signs of aging’ too. Why not? I still have it. I think this is the only serum I’ll make an update on soon! Counting down the days and look forward to a new review on The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% HA!!

I do have more products from The Ordinary that weren’t included on this list like The Ordinary EUK 134 0.1% and The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA. They’re on my list to finish up, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of products I’m using right now. 😮‍💨 I’ll get to them when I can. More reviews coming up soon!

My Thoughts on Purito Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence!

Purito Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence

After a couple of days of using Benton Fermentation Essence without any issues, I started using Purito Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence. It’s another galactomyces product. Purito’s product contains 92% galactomyces, 5% niacinamide, bfida ferment lysate, lactobacillus ferment, and other ingredients like allantoin and adenosine. The ingredients in the Purito Galacto Niacin 97 Power Essence is very short and straight to the point. Since Benton Fermentation Essence worked for me, my skin shouldn’t have any problems with Purito’s serum. I’m not looking for another galactomyces product, but I had this one stashed away in the corner. At one point in time, I thought it broke me out because of the galactomyces. I actually stopped using all products that contained galactomyces. Turns out my skin doesn’t have any problems with it. I’m looking at my skin after using products with galactomyces, and it looks like everything is going well. No breakouts. No skin irritation of any kind. 😊 The problem was this right here. Yes, you know it, my vegan years. It truly ruined my health and the health of my skin in the end. Be sure to check out my experience and what went on!

So this serum feels lightweight on the skin and absorbed very quickly. I loved how it just sunk into my skin right away, but it also helped to absorb excess sebum on my face too. It left my skin matte. I’m using a richer, thicker, heavier face cream, and my skin is left oily every time, so it’s awesome that this serum can just reduce the oils on my face instantly. This serum doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or leave the skin feeling sticky. It feels like I’m applying water onto my skin but with added benefits. With this serum, I noticed a brighter complexion the next morning after using it only once! The niacinamide in this product really works! That doesn’t happen very often with my skin with niacinamide. Another product that I found that contains niacinamide and works is SOME BY MI Niacin 30 Days Miracle Brightening Sleeping Mask. It works to brighten the skin and make it glow as well. Just like the Benton Fermentation Essence, I didn’t get breakouts from this serum. It looks like my skin does well with galactomyces ferment filtrate but also bfida ferment lysate and lactobacillus ferment. Seems to work for me this time around! YAYY!! 🙌🏻

But, I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this serum in my routine. I just have a couple of bottles of the serum to knock out. I’ll think about it in the meantime, haha. So far, it’s not too bad. My skin is glowing!!

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Review: Purito Vitamin C Serum

Purito Vitamin C Serum

This was one of the vitamin c serums I tried out during the summer. It’s Purito Vitamin C Serum. This vitamin c serum contains 5% ascorbic acid. The purpose of this serum is to brighten the skin, even out the skin tone, help fade the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation, improve dullness and loss of firmness. In turn, making the skin look more healthy and radiant. It also contains sodium hyaluronate to provide adequate moisture to the skin. This vitamin c serum comes in a dark brown bottle to protect the ingredients from sunlight. Everything looks good about this vitamin c serum. It also comes in a 2 fl. oz. bottle! It wasn’t too expensive either. I’ve used Purito Vitamin C Serum for 4 months already. I think I’m due for a review on it. Here’s my experience with this product! 🙂

This vitamin c serum bottle is sealed before using. It comes with a pump applicator. When dispensed, the product itself is yellow. I really don’t like it when a vitamin c serum is yellow in color when it’s new, upon opening. It’s like they’re trying to hide something. This makes me worried that the product has already been oxidized, so it’s useless, and the skin won’t benefit from it. After saying that, let’s take a look at the ingredients. It contains sodium hyaluronate, 5% ascorbic acid, niacinamide, adenosine, and a bunch of extracts. I’ve also noticed that a lot of skin care products I’ve been using contain 1,2-hexanediol. I wonder if it’s a problem for my skin too. The last two essences I stopped using contained this ingredient. They are Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence and Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. 1,2-hexanediol is a just a moisture binding humectant. But, maybe my skin just doesn’t like it. I’m really not sure. Ever since I stopped using those products, my skin is doing so much better. Just an observation. I’ll have to give it more time to see what’s going on. I know for sure my facial skin really hates propanediol. lol. It ruins my skin to the core. It’s also in a ton of skin care products.

On the box, it says to use the serum within 3 months after unsealing. Since that’s the case, I used it in the morning and at night. It also says to store the bottle in the fridge. I didn’t store mine in the fridge, but I placed it in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight to prevent the product from oxidizing. I hope that’s good enough. That’s what I usually do to my vitamin c serums anyways. They all turn out fine.

With Purito Vitamin C Serum, I use 1 pump for the whole face. I think that’s more than enough. I don’t think it’s necessary to use any more than that. It’ll just be a waste of product. haha. So the serum feels thicker compared to the average serum, but it glides over the skin smoothly. It feels like jelly to me. It leaves the skin feeling well-conditioned, soft, and smooth. I actually really like the texture of this serum. It’s one of the more moisturizing vitamin c serums I’ve used. It does a great job at smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles too. Leaving my skin feeling nice and firm.

After using the serum for 4 months, it didn’t help brighten my overall complexion or fade acne marks. Well, I didn’t notice any brightening effect. I think 4 months is a good amount of time to see results. And I didn’t see any of that besides it leaving my skin feeling very hydrated. Thanks hyaluronic acid! But I had to stop using this vitamin c serum. It was for a very good reason too. The serum stained my skin orange every time I used it. I think it oxidized. Perhaps before? Since it was yellow. As I continued to use it and reached halfway through the bottle, the serum looked even more yellow-orange. I thought I was imagining things until I took some photos of my face and noticed that it looked like I had a fake tan going on. Well, that’s too bad. Not sure if it caused breakouts, since I was using a bunch of skin care products during this time, but I loved how it hydrated my skin wonderfully. It’s a very moisturizing vitamin c serum! Walking around looking like an oompa loompa is not my thing. haha. So, this vitamin c serum isn’t for me.

Freshly, sealed out-of-box Purito Vitamin C Serum. ☺

Purito Vitamin C Serum

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

I really wished Purito Vitamin C Serum worked, but there were many aspects about this serum that I didn’t like. It’s awesome that it comes in a 2 fl. oz. dark bottle to prevent ingredients from oxidizing, and it’s an affordable vitamin c product. But, this vitamin c serum starts off yellow (sealed). It makes it difficult to tell if the product has been oxidized or not. It makes it hard to trust this product. Also, I didn’t notice any brightening benefits, such as evening out the skin tone, fading acne scars, or hyperpigmentation. That is the main reason why I purchased this vitamin c serum in the first place. The only thing it’s good at is moisturizing the skin. In the end (lol), it turned me into an oompa loompa. It gave me a really bad fake tan. So there’s something going on with this serum. I don’t think the formula is that great as they make it out to be. After this experience, I can’t recommend it. There are better vitamin c serums out there that won’t turn the whole face orange. I’m still laughing about it because everyone else noticed it too. hahahah.

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Review: Timeless Vitamin C Serum

Timeless Vitamin C Serum

I’m always on the search for a good, effective vitamin c serum to add to my skin care routine. I haven’t found one that works on my skin yet. This product right here, Timeless Vitamin C Serum, has so many glowing reviews. I had to try it out myself to see if it’s worth the hype. It utilizes l-ascorbic acid (20% vitamin c) along with vitamin e and ferulic acid. I’ve also been searching for a good ferulic acid serum that my skin likes. This vitamin c serum happens to have both vitamin c and ferulic acid. That’s awesome! The purpose of this serum is to brighten the skin, build collagen, and even out the skin tone. I purchased it mainly to brighten my skin and to help fade some stubborn acne scars or any other discolorations that I have. But the other benefits (anti-aging) are welcome just as well. This serum is paraben-free, contains no fragrance and dye (yay!), and it’s cruelty-free. Love it! I must say, I was really excited about this vitamin c serum. It seems like a very promising product that would deliver. I was really hoping that it would work. My skin was looking a bit dull and needed something to brighten it up and make it look more lively and glowy. So I’ve had this serum for a couple of months now. Did it work? Did Timeless Vitamin C Serum do what it’s supposed to do? What were the results? Well, I’m here to share my experience on this vitamin c serum! Keep on reading…

When I first dispensed the serum into my palm, I noticed that it smelled funny. I can’t pinpoint what it smells like, but it’s weird. Maybe a plastic smell to it. Citrus? It’s a mixture of those things, lol. I was able tolerate it, so it wasn’t a big issue. The product comes out liquidy, colorless (when I first purchased it). Keep in mind that this serum oxidizes very fast, so try using it daily if you can. That’s what I tried to do. I used it in the morning and at night. I also made sure to store this serum in a dark, cool place away from light to prevent the product from oxidizing quick. The texture of the serum is light, runny, and it feels very nice applying it to the skin. It smooths over the skin without much effort. Just pat it into the skin, and you’re all set! After application, I noticed that the serum made my skin look softer and smoother. I noticed an improvement in texture right away. I was stunned and so happy! After a couple of days of using this serum, my skin looked brighter and glowed. I saw the effects of this serum faster than expected. Within a few days!! As for acne scars, it helped to fade them within a month. Not entirely but I noticed that my acne scars weren’t as noticeable as before. They were, in fact, lighter. There were improvements. My first impression of this product was really good! I loved the results! It worked! I was ecstatic with what I was seeing! Now let’s move on to the next month.

After using Timeless Vitamin C Serum for 2 months, I was still seeing the brightening effect, but my skin was drying out just a little bit. I mean, it is a 20% vitamin c serum (l-ascorbic acid) after all. It’s definitely a concentrated vitamin c serum. So I had to decrease my use to only mornings. The results were pretty much the same when I was using it twice a day (morning and night). Not much of a difference. I couldn’t tell anyways. Just that I had one less product to use in my evening skin care routine. lol. After seeing visible results with this serum, I thought I could make it a staple in my routine. Compared to other vitamin c serums I have used, the results were spectacular. I could visually see a change in my skin. My skin looked brighter, felt softer. Skin tone was more even. Skin texture was the best it has ever been! I’ve never experienced results like this from a vitamin c serum before! It was awesome! My skin responded very well to this vitamin c serum. But, unfortunately, I started to noticed breakouts out of nowhere. Yep, that just had to happen. Ugh! I noticed blackheads and closed comedones. That’s when my hopes to keep this serum in my routine went downhill. I knew it was the vitamin c serum causing the breakouts. Even though the results were really good, and the product feels lightweight on the skin, I noticed that it left a thin film on my skin. I think that’s where the problem lies. The serum just sat on top of my skin. Whenever a product does that to my skin, it’s a no-go. It won’t work, so I stopped using it immediately. The breakouts eventually disappeared.

Another vitamin c serum down…

This is what the vitamin c serum bottle looks like without the cap. It’s a 1 fl. oz. pump bottle. Very easy to use and very easy to dispense the product out. It’s not messy at all but be aware that this serum can leak out and oxidize. That’s what happened to me.

Timeless Vitamin C Serum

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

Timeless Vitamin C Serum delivers in terms of brightening, evening out the skin tone, and fading acne marks. It also helps to refine the skin texture. My skin felt so soft and smooth. I loved it so much! Too bad it had to do bad things to my skin, such as giving me blackheads and closed comedones. I noticed that my nose had more blackheads. It looked like a strawberry. I was very disappointed and sad when that happened. This is possibly the one of the most effective vitamin c serums that I have used. It does what it’s supposed to do minus the breakouts (haha!). It actually helped improve the overall condition of my skin. Well! Since it breaks me out, I’m unable to keep it around. It’s not worth it when it gives me awful acne in the end. It’s time to let it go and move on to something else that my skin likes.

Review: Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum

Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum

Here’s my review on Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum! This is the vitamin c serum I have in my skin care routine right now. I stopped using vitamin c products with ascorbic acid because that particular ingredient was irritating my skin (to the point of burning it, ouch!). Ascorbic acid is definitely not what my skin likes at the moment, so I had to find an alternative that’s more gentle and a lot more suitable for sensitive skin. My skin isn’t usually sensitive, but it is to acids when I’m on a more intense acne treatment. I had to eliminate a bunch of skin care products in my routine, and vitamin c serums with ascorbic acid was one of them. So this vitamin c serum utilizes magnesium ascorbyl phosphate instead. It’s known to be more gentle on the skin. It’s less harsh on the skin compared to ascorbic acid due to it being less potent, but that’s ok! That’s exactly what I’m trying to aim for…a vitamin c serum that doesn’t burn off my face when my skin is in its fragile state. I’ve used Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum for 3ish months now. It’ll be 4 months soon enough. Here are my thoughts on this product!

Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum comes in a 2 fl. oz. dark glass bottle. It took me nearly 4 months to finish half of the product. I used it in the morning and at night. Yay for it being a a dark bottle, but I’m not a fan of glass bottles. They’re so clunky and can break easily when dropped. When I’m low on product, it gets stuck at the bottom. It’s just something I never liked. Why not just put it in a tube? It’ll be so much easier to store and use. As always, I do make sure to place all of my actives in a dark, cool area to prevent the product from oxidizing. So let’s talk about ingredients! What are the ingredients in this serum? Looking at the ingredients of this product, it appears to be a very basic vitamin c serum. It contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (vitamin c), sodium hyaluronate, vitamin e, aloe leaf juice, and a few other ingredients. There’s a total of 8 ingredients. It’s very simple. That’s one of the reasons why I purchased it in the first place. I didn’t want a product with a long list of ingredients. It’s also very easy to read and understand the ingredients at first glance.

So this vitamin c serum is a gel. When applied to the skin, it feels sticky, but it doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind. Honestly, it feels like I didn’t apply anything on my skin with this serum, lol. I only use 1 pump for the whole face and neck. Just pat the product into the skin, and let it absorb into the skin. It absorbs into the skin quite easily. It leaves my skin feeling clean. There’s no stinging sensation. It doesn’t feel irritating at all and didn’t turn my face red. There’s no pilling. It sinks into the skin very quickly. Works well with other skin care products too. I didn’t have any issues with it using it twice a day. With this serum, it feels extremely gentle and soothing when applied to the skin. I think it has to do with the aloe leaf juice it contains. My skin is left feeling calm. Also, it helps to soothe inflamed acne, which leads to some good news. And that is, it didn’t clog my pores!! I’ve experienced no breakouts from it. The serum feels very lightweight on the skin, so I think it’s perfect for people with oily, acne-prone skin. That sounds good and all, but did this vitamin c serum actually live up to its claims? Did it work?

The purpose of this vitamin c serum is to help with texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and even out the skin tone while leaving the skin feeling nourished, supple, and deeply hydrated. It also claims to brighten and fade the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. So after using it for 3-4 months, using it in the morning and at night, the only thing I noticed is how soothing this serum is on my skin but that’s it. It didn’t deeply moisturize my skin or help brighten up my complexion. It didn’t help fade dark spots or acne marks. I like the ingredients in this serum, but I haven’t noticed much in that time span. It doesn’t look like it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. I was hoping that it would at least brighten up my skin just a little bit or fade some acne marks. It would be nice if it truly did deeply hydrate my skin as it claims to do. My skin gets dehydrated sometimes. But this serum is not hydrating at all. It’s far from it. Fine lines and wrinkles? Skin texture? Nope. I didn’t see any of that. Perhaps I have to finish the whole bottle and see what happens. So far, I don’t like it that much as far as results go.

✅ Pros

❌ Cons

Yeouth Vitamin C & E Serum didn’t give me any results in terms of skin brightening or fading of acne marks. The main reason why I purchased it in the first place. I had some acne marks to get rid of but nothing came out of this serum after months of using it. It didn’t do much for a dull complexion either. This isn’t the serum if you’re looking for treating skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles, or hydrating the skin. When I think of it, it just felt like I was applying expensive aloe vera on my face, lol. So! I think I’m going to continue to use it since I have half of the product left. It won’t hurt to just finish the product. Who knows what might happen in the next couple of months. haha. But I’m not holding my breath. lol. Fortunately, this serum didn’t cause any breakouts. I’ll just use it up for the time being. Would I purchase it again? The answer is no. It’s not an effective vitamin c serum. On my skin that is.

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