Review: Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Green

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Skin79 Green BB Cream
Review on Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Green

Here’s my review on Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Green! 🙂

I must admit. I love BB Creams. 🙂 It’s the skincare + makeup combination that makes it so much better compared to a regular foundation that’s just for ‘makeup’. Also, the texture of BB Creams tend to work in my favor. I like it. It’s smooth and thick. Fills in fine lines and wrinkles. It gives the skin a dewy, flawless, youthful appearance. Yeah, yeah, I was complaining about it weeks ago. It’s one of those things that ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’. haha. Coverage with a BB Cream is much better than a regular foundation. Instead of rambling on about how BB Creams are way better. This is what I think about Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Green! My third BB Cream from the Skin79 collection. The other ones I have tried are Pink and Orange.

Shade: I’ve read reviews where people say that the shade is very light in color. Well, it worked for me. Here’s a swatch of the BB Cream. I think the color was a little bit darker. I still liked it because it adjusted to my complexion.

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Green Swatch
Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm Green Swatch

Texture: It’s a soft cream.

Finish: Works great on oily skin! It’s a matte finish.

Coverage: Very little coverage. You would have to have perfect skin for this to work. It makes me thrive for ‘clear, perfect’ skin. haha.

Fragrance: It has fragrance, but it’s not overwhelming.

SPF?: SPF 30 PA++! Yass!! Much lower than the Orange one…

Breakouts?: None as of yet.

Final Thoughts:

The shade of this BB Cream is way better compared to the Orange and Pink (for me). Orange was too yellow. I’m starting to question if my undertone is even yellow. Every time I wear yellow-based makeup, my skin looks more yellow. I think I may be neutral with some yellow. So, the shade/color of this BB Cream is good.

I love that it has anti-wrinkle and skin whitening benefits. That ‘could’ help with acne marks and uneven skin tone. I think I rather have that instead of nothing at all. Better to try than not try at all. I love the SPF in this BB Cream. It’s not the highest. It’s something. I’m having trouble finding a sunblock that works for acne-prone skin. I know it’s not good to rely on makeup for SPF, but it works for now as I go about finding a sunblock that is suitable for my skin type. Most sunblocks break me out. That includes the ones that claim to be made for oily, acne-prone skin.

The only downside to this BB Cream would be the coverage. It doesn’t provide much coverage. Be aware of that. If the condition of your skin is not near perfect, I suggest trying a different BB Cream to try. Layering on this BB Cream to achieve good coverage isn’t something you want to do. It’ll take hours. Overall, I don’t think this BB Cream is too bad. It hasn’t caused my skin to breakout in acne or clog my pores (yet). I hope it doesn’t. I’ll make an update if anything happens.

What’s your favorite BB Cream?

Love, Jen

How to use Micellar Cleansing Water

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Derma E Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water

I’ve been using micellar water for 4 weeks. I really like it. It leaves my skin feeling clean. I’ve used it three different ways — as a leave-on, washing it off, and as a makeup remover.

As a leave-on:

The first 2 weeks, I left micellar water on my skin. What I would do is go through my cleansing routine then apply the cleansing water to my skin. The instructions states that the product can be left on the skin without rinsing. That’s exactly what I did for 2 weeks straight. I didn’t think much about it until I noticed that my skin looked somewhat irritated and dry. It was like, what is going on with my skin? I used it day and night. I decided to quit this method and follow the ‘wash off’ method.

Washing it off:

The next 1.5 weeks, I would take a cotton pad, dispense micellar water onto the cotton pad, and swipe it all over my face. After doing this, I would see debris on the cotton pad. I think that’s pretty normal. Next, I would follow up with my cleansing routine. So the micellar water is rinsed off. It’s not left on the skin. This method worked much better for me. My skin stopped feeling dry and irritated. But is it necessary to use micellar water like this anyways?? That’s why I started to use it as a makeup remover instead.

Makeup Remover:

The last couple of days of the 4th week, I used micellar water as a makeup remover. I used it as the last step of my makeup removal routine. It helps to remove the last traces of makeup, debris, oils, and dirt. Micellar water worked very well at removing my mascara. I’ve been having a hard time removing mascara with oils and balms. THIS worked!

I’m currently using Derma E Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water (as shown in the photo above). In my honest opinion, this micellar water makes my skin feel more dry than I expected. I’ll search for something less harsh next time. I think Derma E Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water is good only in the summer. I think it would dry my skin out even more during the winter.

From my experience, micellar water as a makeup remover was the best method. Do you use micellar water in your skin care routine?

Love, Jen

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